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  • A Guide to Installing a Thatched Roof

    How to Install a Thatched Roof

    If you're looking for a roofing material that is relatively easy to work with, will last for years, provides a unique aesthetic touch, and is an eco-friendly option, thatching may be what you need to consider for your next project.

    Both functional for residential roofs in many parts of the world and decorative for tropical-themed venues here in the United States, thatching is an incredibly popular way to create shade and protect a space from wind and precipitation. When installed correctly, thatch can help an outdoor area feel comfortable and relaxing, while offering high-quality, environmentally friendly shelter.

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  • Bug-Proofing Your Backyard

    Bug Proof your yard

    Winter is little more than a memory, spring is in full swing and before you know it, it’s going to be summer again. That means long evenings spent on the back porch, grilling out with your favorite summer salads and packing away all your winter coats for the season. Unfortunately, spring and summer also come with a few not-so-fun things as well. One of those things that might put a damper on your season is the arrival of all the summer bugs.

    Not only can bugs make you miserable as you sit outside trying to enjoy the summer, but they can also have genuinely harmful effects on your trees, bushes, flowers and other backyard trappings. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. Whether you’re dealing with mosquitoes, moths, caterpillars, beetles or some other kind of pest, you don’t have to just put up with them. There are plenty of practical solutions to this problem.

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  • New Pottery Arrival Sale - Buy 1 Get 1 Free - San Diego Location

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  • Bamboo Fencing and Pets

    Bamboo Fencing and Pets

    As a pet-owner and dog-lover, keeping your pup happy and healthy is your top priority. Whatever kind of home you live in, you want your dog to have enough space, freedom and opportunity to run, play, explore, expend energy and experience the joy of just being a dog — but you need to make sure they are safe in the process. That means establishing a barrier around your yard to keep your pup from wandering off or coming into contact with any outside danger.

    While many dog-owners like to settle for the ease and invisibility of electric fences for containing their dogs, it may not be the safest or most effective option for keeping your pup contained. When you're letting your beloved dog loose in your yard, you want to be sure they are as secure and safe as possible — and they stay on your property. Not sure where to start? Here's everything you need to know about the best fencing for dogs and what a bamboo pet fence can do for your property.

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  • Where to Buy Palapa Thatch Structure Replacement

    When it comes to making an exterior space stand out with a tasteful tropical flair, a Palapa thatch structure is a perfect way to enhance your property's aesthetic appeal and add some island inspiration while providing you with the practical use of shelter and structure for a bar or extra exterior room. Whether you're hoping to boost customer allure and satisfaction on your commercial resort, theme park or other business attraction, or you want an appealing, useful addition to your residential backyard, a Palapa is an authentic, exciting exterior feature.

    Shop Palapa thatch products now or shop all thatch products.

    If you have a Palapa thatch structure on your property, you undoubtedly love the distinctive characteristics it adds to your space. Palapas are a common feature at tropical resorts, water parks and other related venues. In a backyard setting, such as near a swimming pool, they can add a significant amount of flair. A Palapa thatch structure can be larger or smaller in size, and it is either an open-air or solid roof structure with a thatch-style roof that is ideal for entertainment and relaxation. Palapa thatch replacements will help keep it looking great. You can find several different types of thatch on these buildings, but all will need to be replaced over time as the material is exposed to the elements and wears out with age.

    Island Inspiration

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  • New Pottery Just Arrived!

    New pottery has just arrived in our San Diego location. Dozens of different styles and colors ranging from bright contemporary to rustic earth tones. With over 30 new styles and multiple sizes, you will find pots able to house just about any size plant.

    High quality ceramic glazed pottery straight from Vietnam are not only beautiful to look at, but a quality made to last. Backyard X-Scapes has the largest selection of Vietnamese ceramics pottery in San Diego. Whether you are looking to plant succulents or small fruit trees you will find an unbelievable selection in our store.

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  • The BIG Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

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  • Good Morning San Diego - Backyard X-Scapes

    The following is the video transcription of the interview above on Good morning San Diego. Backyard X-scapes is San Diego's one stop shop for Southern California people to create their very own tropical paradise. Everything from Bamboo products (Bamboo Poles, Bamboo Paneling, Bamboo Fences, and much more). Tiki Hut building supplies, many types of natural thatch and artificial thatch. Come check out our products online! We are San Diego's number one destination for all your tropical design supplies and Bamboo products.

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  • Backyard X-Scapes Updates Logo and Launches New Website

    Backyard X-Scapes Inc., the nation’s largest supplier of bamboo , thatch and tropical products has unveiled a new logo and launched a new website to promote its products and services for customers interested in buying bamboo and thatch. Backyard X-Scapes has established extremely strong partner relationships with numerous bamboo and thatch suppliers globally that allows the Company to maintain a dominant position in terms of both quality and competitive pricing for both bamboo and thatch.

    Bamboo and Thatch Supplier

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  • Bamboo Privacy Fencing

    There is nothing creepier than having random people stare at you while you relax in your backyard. Things get even weirder when you have a neighbor who just will not let you enjoy that small bit of privacy. This makes you give up on a wonderfully relaxing evening that you could enjoy in your backyard. It just isn’t comfortable with eyes at you from behind glass panes!

    Fortunately, we have just the perfect solution for that. With bamboo privacy fencing, you will not need to resort to staying inside your house. To help you better comprehend the benefits of having natural bamboo privacy fence, here are a few benefits that you should know about.

    Bamboo Privacy Fencing and Borders

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