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  • New Pottery Just Arrived!

    New pottery has just arrived in our San Diego location. Dozens of different styles and colors ranging from bright contemporary to rustic earth tones. With over 30 new styles and multiple sizes, you will find pots able to house just about any size plant.

    High quality ceramic glazed pottery straight from Vietnam are not only beautiful to look at, but a quality made to last. Backyard X-Scapes has the largest selection of Vietnamese ceramics pottery in San Diego. Whether you are looking to plant succulents or small fruit trees you will find an unbelievable selection in our store.

    New Pots Have Arrived

    Don’t have a green thumb? You can transform a pot into a relaxing fountain or for even lower maintenance, add some single bamboo poles into pot for a dramatic look. Pottery can be used in so many different ways.

    Our new shipment is taking over our majority of our 75,000 sqft showroom, we are confident you will find the perfect pottery to fit for your landscape.

    Check us out! We are open 7 days a week!

  • The BIG Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

  • Good Morning San Diego - Backyard X-Scapes

    The following is the video transcription of the interview above on Good morning San Diego. Backyard X-scapes is San Diego's one stop shop for Southern California people to create their very own tropical paradise. Everything from Bamboo products (Bamboo Poles, Bamboo Paneling, Bamboo Fences, and much more). Tiki Hut building supplies, many types of natural thatch and artificial thatch. Come check out our products online! We are San Diego's number one destination for all your tropical design supplies and Bamboo products.

    Jason Austell: Welcome back to Good Morning San Diego. How about a success story here? A San Diego man starts a business out of a trailer, ends up selling it for millions of dollars, and he had help along the way. We are going to introduce you to the people who helped him along the way. You might experience the same thing, if you should take the same path, and it's free, best of all. We are talking about ManPower, right?
    Paul Hollenbach: SCORE.
    Jason Austell: SCORE. We want to talk to Steve Raketich, right?
    Steve Raketich: Raketich.
    Jason Austell: Raketich. You started the business out of the trailer.
    Steve Raketich: Correct. 2002.
    Jason Austell: And these are the two gentlemen who helped you.
    Steve Raketich: Sure did. They helped me a lot.
    Jason Austell: Okay.
    Paul Hollenbach: He's an ex-president of SCORE.
    Jason Austell: Oh, okay. All right.
      Paul, talk to us quickly about SCORE, and what it is overall.
    Paul Hollenbach: Well, why don't I have Greg talk about what SCORE-.
    Greg Vowcott: Okay, sure. We're a national organization. We have 360 chapters across the US. We've been around 50 years. San Diego, we've been around 50 years, as well. We have 85 members in our local chapter. All different types of backgrounds. Our services are free, confidential, unlimited. If they come to somebody like me, who does business plans, and they need financial advice, I'll get somebody to help them.
    Artificial and Natural Thatch
    Jason Austell: There's always somebody to help with something.
    Greg Vowcott: Absolutely.
    Paul Hollenbach: Yes.
    Jason Austell: No matter what roadblock you hit, seemingly.
    Greg Vowcott: Pretty much. Pretty much.
    Jason Austell: All right. Let's talk about the trailer, and how you started business.
    Steve Raketich: Yeah, my business partner and I started a business in 2002. It's called Backyard X-scapes. We originally had this concept of bringing ... of retails store. It took us about four years before I built the retail location, and that's in Sorrento Valley now. It's 75,000 square feet, and now we have another place in Orlando that takes care of the themed attractions and the hotels and resorts in that area.
    Jason Austell: Okay, and what kind of help did you find yourself needing, as you progressed .
    Steve Raketich: Well, marketing, business development, when we got into e-commerce, because the business started in 2002, so that's when we really started to realize we had to get on the internet. Then we got into the big box stores. They helped us with that. They helped us with funding for SPA loans, credit lines. That was some of the most important things. We did a lot of their workshops, too.
    Jason Austell: And Greg, what do you find is the biggest challenge that these entrepreneurs have, as they coming up with their businesses?
    Greg Vowcott: Primarily capital. We have a lot of people who are motivated. A lot of people are dreamers. Got great business concept, but we help them get capital if we can. Paul is an expert in that.
    Bamboo Fencing
    Jason Austell: Okay. He raised the funds. What about patent issues? Do you help with that, as well?
    Paul Hollenbach: Yes, we do. Actually, we have mentors that cover almost every aspect of the business. We have 87, I think, counselors now, that can counsel on almost any subject you want.
    Jason Austell: Ah, that's fantastic.
    Paul Hollenbach: And it's all free.
    Jason Austell: It's all free.
    Paul Hollenbach: And we have people that have been with us for 15, 20 years, and I have at least five clients that are over 10 years.
    Jason Austell: Okay. That's great. Now, Steve, you ended up selling this company for millions of dollars.
    Steve Raketich: Correct.
    Jason Austell: And this is the guy you sold it to, right?
    Steve Raketich: That's correct.
    Todd Bloom: One of the owners, yes.
    Jason Austell: One of the owners. Talk to us about the business, and why you decided to invest in it.
    Todd Bloom: Well, when we looked at the businesses, we looked at what was a successful business, here in San Diego. It met all of the criteria, what we were looking for, and based on that, we went ahead and bought the business. We're already working with SCORE on the transition. We have a wonderful local presence, as we said, that will grow here, and help grow the business, so we're really looking forward to working with SCORE, and again, with the previous owners, to really help build this business into even a bigger success than it already is.
    Jason Austell: And this business is pretty much anything you need for your backyard, you guys can get.
    Todd Bloom: You know what? Whether it's bamboo and thatch, and lots of pottery, and fountains. 75,000 square feet, right here in San Diego. It's a great business.
    Jason Austell: This is fantastic. How can people ... Let's say somebody is watching, and they're an entrepreneurial spirit. They need some help. What do they do?
    Greg Vowcott: Well, there's a number of ways to get ahold of us. We are local. We have a website., and we staff the phones pretty much all day long. That's 619-557-7272. We can meet you anywhere you want. Meet you at Panera, meet you downtown. We're very flexible.
    Bamboo Poles
    Jason Austell: All right. And you would recommend it, obviously.
    Steve Raketich: Oh, absolutely. I've had four different businesses, and they've helped me with all four of them, over a 30 year period.
    Jason Austell: Okay, so now we know how to get in touch with SCORE. What's the website for the backyard products?
    Todd Bloom: It is BackyardXscapes with an X, dot com.
    Jason Austell: With an X. All right. Guys, thank you so much. Yes, Paul? What did you have?
    Paul Hollenbach: I was just going to say, this business grew from basically from two or three people, to 20?
    Steve Raketich: Yeah.
    Paul Hollenbach: 20, in a very short period of time.
    Jason Austell: Wow. That's great.
    Greg Vowcott: It's the stories we like.
    Jason Austell: Paul, Greg, Steve, Todd, thank you very much! Very inspirational. I got an idea I got to talk to you about. I'm not kidding, My wife's been all over me to get this.
    Paul Hollenbach: We'll help you.
    Jason Austell: We'll be right back with more Good Morning San Diego.
  • Backyard X-Scapes Updates Logo and Launches New Website

    Backyard X-Scapes Inc., the nation’s largest supplier of bamboo , thatch and tropical products has unveiled a new logo and launched a new website to promote its products and services for customers interested in buying bamboo and thatch. Backyard X-Scapes has established extremely strong partner relationships with numerous bamboo and thatch suppliers globally that allows the Company to maintain a dominant position in terms of both quality and competitive pricing for both bamboo and thatch.

    Bamboo and Thatch Supplier

    For example, Backyard X-Scapes unique relationship with its major Chinese bamboo supplier has enabled the Company to develop special curing processes in proprietary kilns to ensure the imported bamboo has the exact moisture context to not only look good but to last years. This is the commitment Backyard X-Scapes makes to anyone wanting to buy bamboo.

    For customers buying thatch, the commitment is similar. The company has helped establish a dedicated thatch production operation in Mexico where talented craftsmen work with time-tested techniques to create thatch umbrellas, palapas, and thatch roofing that has the quality that thatch buyers truly appreciate. And for the buyer wanting to purchase artificial thatch, Backyard X-Scapes’ global supplier developed an artificial thatch that is not only visually attractive, but is also available in fire-retardant materials that meet US standards.

    According to Ross Bloom, President of Backyard X-Scapes, the new logo was introduced to reinforce the Company’s tropical image and to be more appealing to the many audiences looking to buy bamboo or thatch. While the website URL has not changed, a great deal of effort was spent to provide easier navigation and informative information for both consumer and commercial customers looking for bamboo, thatch and other tropical products.

    Over their 15 year history, regardless of business climate, Backyard X-Scapes experienced year over year growth since inception. A global distributor of tropical theme products, Backyard X-Scapes established themselves as an industry leader, servicing retail, commercial, and wholesale markets.

    Backyard X-Scapes markets its products through major home supply big-box companies including Home Deport and Lowes. It also operates on-line web sales. In addition, the Company operates a retail store in San Diego, California totaling 75,000 square feet that specializes in on-site bamboo sales, outdoor related products including fountains, pottery, BBQ Islands, fireplaces, fire pits, artificial grass, statuary, artificial boulders, and roofing thatch. The Company also distributes from a warehouse in the Orlando Florida area providing a bamboo and thatch store for east coast wholesale buyers.


  • Bamboo Privacy Fencing

    There is nothing creepier than having random people stare at you while you relax in your backyard. Things get even weirder when you have a neighbor who just will not let you enjoy that small bit of privacy. This makes you give up on a wonderfully relaxing evening that you could enjoy in your backyard. It just isn’t comfortable with eyes at you from behind glass panes!

    Fortunately, we have just the perfect solution for that. With bamboo privacy fencing, you will not need to resort to staying inside your house. To help you better comprehend the benefits of having natural bamboo privacy fence, here are a few benefits that you should know about.

    Bamboo Privacy Fencing and Borders

    It Is Safer

    A lot of people tend to argue that they don’t need bamboo fencing as they already have wooden fencing in place. While it might protect you from the people staring at you, but in general, wood tends to be weaker than bamboo. When it really comes to your safety, bamboo will surely stand longer than any wood.

    It Is Greener

    If you care about the environment, having bamboo privacy fencing will offer much more than safety. It has also been deemed as an environmental friendly alternative which means that by using it, not only are you protecting yourself, but also the environment.

    Greater Sustainability

    There are few materials that offer sustainability to the same extent as bamboo. Other materials tend to wear off far quicker than bamboo. This is also hard on your pockets as you would have to get the fencing redone. Using a good dark bamboo fencing material, you are good for more than just a couple of years.

    Pocket-Friendly Alternative

    If you have ever tried to put up a fence, you would know how expensive wood and other materials normally are. On the other hand, bamboo poles are quite affordable, and frankly, offer a better aesthetic appeal to your backyard.

    So what are you waiting for? Use bamboo for privacy fencing and enjoy that tan you have always wanted to in your backyard. You can get bamboo for your backyard fencing from Backyard X-Scapes. We are among the largest suppliers of bamboo in all of Florida and San Diego. You can get in touch with us by dialing (866) 222-1422.

  • Bamboo Company

    Home Décor Is Easier with A Bamboo Company!

    The beauty of your place is not subject to contemporary furniture, nor is it confined to a traditional setting. It is how you carry the bigger picture that makes your home boast sheer aesthetic appeal. In other words, it is the perfect blend that suits your place the best.

    However, such a décor takes most of your monthly paycheck - something not many people would prefer. This is where a bamboo company comes in. It offers you products that you can use to decorate your house. The best part is that it is a lot cheaper than going after any other alternative.

    Bamboo Company

    Variety of Products

    A top of the line bamboo company like Backyard X-Scapes offers a variety of different products to its users. From fencing poles to slats, rugs, and stains, you get everything! Simply buy them and decorate your place in a way that looks appealing to the eye.

    There is so much you can do with all the bamboo at your disposal. In addition to the ready-made furniture, you can opt for bamboo poles in order to build bamboo fences in your backyard. In addition to the fact that it adds to the beauty of your backyard, you also enjoy the enhanced level of privacy.

    Flexible and Long-term

    One of the best things about opting for a bamboo company is that you have a great deal of flexibility. With such wide range of products, you are left free to play with your creativity and create something that truly complements your home décor. To make things even more enthralling, bamboo generally lasts far longer than potential alternatives like wood. This makes a bamboo company even more important, especially if you plan on keeping a good portion of your money in your pocket.

    If you are interested in offering a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary to your place, make sure to get your bamboo products from Backyard X-Scapes. Not only are we an environmental friendly option, but are also among some of the major bamboo companies in San Diego and Florida. To get in touch with us, simply dial (866) 222-1422. You can also leave your contact information here so we can get in touch with you!

  • Buy Bamboo Online - Backyard X-Scapes

    People Prefer To Buy Bamboo Online In Florida

    A beautiful house is not declared so, due to how big or small it is. It is given that title because of how well decorated and balanced it is. There should be a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary décor in a household. A great way to do that is by using bamboo products. The trend of using bamboo based furniture has actually been rising.

    A lot of interior decorators in the modern day have brought back the trends from a few decades back and are trying to incorporate them with modern day fashion. So, it is an established fact that bamboo based furniture is back in the game, but how do you actually get your hands on the building material? We have the answer for you right here!

    Buy Bamboo Online

    Bamboo Companies

    With the rising trend, there have been a lot of bamboo companies that have been set up. A few in the US like Backyard X-Scapes even allow you to buy bamboo online. Such companies not just offer ready-to-use bamboo based material, but also offer bamboo poles for your favorite DIY projects. Simply buy bamboo online and you are good to go.

    Why Bamboo Furniture?

    There is more than just one reason why the trend of using bamboo as a defining material in our home décor, especially in backyards, has elevated recently. Following are two of those key reasons.

    The Environment

    We have only recently come to understand the extent to which an environmental friendly product is important. Bamboo happens to be one of them. This is one of the key reasons why people have started using bamboo in their homes.

    The Aesthetic Appeal

    This point is in line with the previous one. The reason why bamboo has become such a key aspect of interior décor is that it offers great aesthetic appeal while being friendly to the environment.

    Are you enticed by the benefits of bamboo? Take on a DIY and try building a bamboo fence in your backyard. You can buy bamboo online at Backyard X-Scapes. We are one of the very few major suppliers of bamboo in Florida and San Diego. To get in touch, simply dial (407) 347-9551.

  • 10 ft Bamboo Pole

    It’s amazing all that you can create with a 10 ft bamboo pole. Bamboo is having a moment right now in the world of landscaping and interior design. In fact, there is no better way to create a fresh, trendy, off beat look than with bamboo slats and poles. As a renewable material, bamboo makes it easy to live a green lifestyle, not to mention being an easy and inexpensive way to decorate. Whether you are looking to re-landscape your entire yard or simply want to add a few new pieces around your home, there is no denying what you can do with a 10 ft bamboo pole. You will be amazed by how one small addition can switch up the look and feel in your home.

    10 ft Bamboo Pole

    A 10 ft bamboo pole can be used for a variety of purposes

    Order in bulk, and you can create a wall to section off two rooms in your home. If you are aiming for a East Asian inspired bathroom, a partition of bamboo goes perfectly between a toilet and shower area, vanity and bedroom. Where typically a wooden wall seals off different areas in your room, a set of bamboo poles can now do the trick! Interior designers love using bamboo and consider the material to be the new “it” material because it is lightweight yet strong, and can withstand extreme changes in humidity and temperature. For this reason, it goes well in the bathroom and even kitchen!

    Where can you use bamboo in your home? Our customers have used bamboo in flooring, for furniture, as fencing, wall paneling, for kitchen cabinets, and even to create utensils! With an artistic eye, you can even craft an eye-catching bamboo centerpiece! With Backyard Xscapes you can find bamboo in a variety of different styles and colors.

    If you are aiming for a modern look, consider using bamboo. Even one 10 ft bamboo pole can change the look and feel of a home, despite being such a small change.

  • Bamboo Poles Décor

    Renewable, sturdy, and attractive, there is no better choice than bamboo poles for your next project. Interior designers and landscaping professionals all degree that bamboo poles in décor are a fun, different change from the traditional wood that most folks use in decorating. We have customers who want to outfit their entire space in bamboo and some who want to add just a few simple pieces.

    Bamboo is so easy to work with. As a lightweight material, bamboo furniture makes moving simple and easy. For the minimalist decorator, a bamboo picture frame is a simple addition that can add style and personality to any room. Whether you add one simple element or change the entire look and theme of a room, bamboo poles in décor are inexpensive and are sure to add style to your space!

    Bamboo Poles Décor

    Bamboo poles can be used in any room of the house!

    A bamboo partition goes well in the bathroom, kitchen, and can section off one bedroom into two. If you are looking to create privacy in your space, a bamboo sectional is one easy, inexpensive, and eco-friendly way to do so! We even have clients use bamboo poles outside to create a partition that can section off the patio from the rest of the home. A bamboo screen or divider will create instant privacy. Because bamboo is such an easy material to work with, installation and construction is not the usual headache.

    If you are looking for a different way to decorate or landscape, consider using bamboo poles instead of clunky wood that most folks use. Bamboo poles in décor can change the entire look of a room, whether you add an entire full length panel, a bamboo screen, or a few simple bamboo centerpieces on the dinner table. Backyard Xscapes is home to everything you need to embrace this material in your home.

  • Cheap Bamboo for Fencing

    If you are searching for cheap bamboo for fencing, you will be happy to hear that you do not have to sacrifice quality for affordability. Bamboo is having a major moment right now in interior design and landscaping, as a different and unique material that will set your space apart. Cheap bamboo for fencing in your backyard will add a different, fresh, and on-trend feel to your yard. If you’re hosting a party or wedding, adding a fresh update to your yard is a great idea, and Backyard Xscapes can help! We have eco-friendly and versatile bamboo available for your next indoor or outdoor project!

    Cheap Bamboo for Fencing

    Cheap Bamboo Fencing - Quality Without the High Prices

    If you are looking to revamp and update the look of your home, bamboo can help! With some of the best prices in the business, you can afford to update every room of your home, including the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, even the outdoors, or even creating a new bamboo privacy fence. For folks with yards, a bamboo fence or bamboo edging can transform an otherwise traditional yard that is in desperate need of modernization. Redecorating entire rooms in your home and/or your yard can seem like a huge, not to mention expensive, task. Whether you plan to construct bamboo walls, roofs, a new fence, or simply want to use bamboo to create a fun, modern centerpiece, Backyard Xscapes has some of the cheapest bamboo on the market!

    Creating fencing out of bamboo could not be easier! Because of the lightweight nature of bamboo, materials can be easily moved and constructed. Do not be fooled! Despite its lightweight quality, bamboo fencing can withstand harsh winds and rain when bundled, making it a wise investment that will last for years after purchase. You can enjoy all the benefits of working with a lightweight yet durable material in your next fencing project! Let Backyard Xscapes show you how it’s possible.

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