4 Tips for Decorating Your Front Yard Landscape

Are you embarking on an outdoor design and renovation home improvement project? You’ve probably already put some thought into the right accessories and furnishings for your backyard, pool area, outdoor kitchen or private patio. But you’ll want to remember the front yard, too. Adding just the right accent pieces and furniture to your front yard spaces can bring together your decorative goals.

To elevate and inform your front yard landscape design, consider implementing these ideas. They’ll help you add a sense of individuality to your property, and they’ll make you smile when you come home after a long day.

1. Add Some Outdoor Art or Statues

Artistic pieces, like masterfully crafted water fountains made from materials like copper and marble, can serve as beautiful, eye-catching focal points around the green spaces in front of your home. Depending upon the size of your front lawn, you may want to consider adding several fountains or a combination of fountains and statues.

How will you know which accent pieces for the front yard will work best? Keep aesthetics in mind. Choose outdoor art and statues that echo the overall architectural feel and function of your house. Or, just pick an item or two from our retail store that delights or inspires you for an eclectic touch.

2. Dot the Landscape With Vibrant Pottery

One of the biggest movements in outdoor front yard landscaping in San Diego has been a revival for pottery. Why the renaissance for pottery decor for the front yard? Quite honestly, it’s versatile, practical and stunning.

The perfect piece of pottery can serve as a home to your cacti, or it can just become a standalone element of your overall decor. If you’re not sure how to decorate with pottery, start by exploring the different types and sizes of pottery available. Even if you start with just a few carefully selected pieces, you’ll start to realize the power of pottery in a front yard setting.

3. Create Conversation Spots With Outdoor Furniture

Who says you can’t have outdoor furniture at the front of your property? Some homeowners enjoy creating cozy, inviting conversation nooks and alcoves in and around their porches and patios. Depending upon the size and layout of your landscaped front yard, you may find that outdoor furnishings bring together all the elements of your design.

4. Turn to Real and Artificial Rocks for Functionality and Attractiveness

Larger stones and boulders have long been used in front yard landscaping. Today, you have the option of buying artificial rocks that mimic the characteristics of their natural counterparts. However, artificial versions can conceal everything from water pumps and other equipment to gardening tools.

Shop for Front Yard Pottery, Decor and Accents

When it’s time to breathe renewed life into your property, visit Backyard X-Scapes for all the items you need to create a truly personalized oasis. Be sure to ask our expert team for advice along the way. We’re here to help you figure out how to decorate with pottery or choose the right statues and accent pieces for your needs.

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