Tips On Decorating Your Garden

Plenty of San Diego homeowners spend time cultivating their gardens. Whether you have a small flower bed bursting with vibrant plants native to southern California, or you work tirelessly to keep up with an extensive vegetable and herb garden, you may want to add some decorative elements to the space.

This type of project can be highly rewarding, as it allows you to explore your creativity and imagination. Renovating an outdoor garden can also add curb appeal to your home. Plus, you’ll be more inclined to spend hours in the garden. After all, the more spruced up it is, the happier you’ll be there.

If you’re looking for garden decoration ideas, check out the following suggestions.

1. Create a Visual Flow

Does it seem like your garden spot has no clear structure? Give it a sense of form by adding a wall of bamboo fencing along the side or covering part of your green areas with a well-placed pergola.

Structural features like fences, overhangs, arbors and even gazebos can make your garden stand out. They also give it well-defined borders, which can boost the decorative appeal of the space.

Consider the different sizes and colors to decide on the suitable bamboo fencing for your garden. Opt for a light and natural bamboo if you’re hoping for an airy tropical vibe. Choose from black or caramel bamboo fencing for a bold aesthetic or a burnt bamboo fence for an eye-catching border. Bamboo comes in various hues, with each piece unique, making it an eclectic component of a garden. You might even opt for a shorter fence to outline your plant boxes — the possibilities are endless when you add fencing to your space.

For a touch of whimsy, paint an old ladder and use it as a tiered potted plant shelf alongside your structure. Create warmth and a gorgeous glow by hanging string lights from your fence or pergola. You can turn the lights on in the evenings to showcase your plants and add comfort and intimacy to your space.

2. Add Splashes of Color and Artistry

It’s time to think beyond the traditional terra cotta clay pots. When you want to revitalize your garden and bring it to life, explore the wide world of high-end pottery.

Though we often use the terms interchangeably, there are critical differences between pottery and planters. While planters are containers designed for plants, pottery can be used for so much more. Pottery dates back to prehistoric times. Today, people use it as dishware, interior design accents and backyard decoration. For instance, you might use pottery as an accent vase or a decorative tabletop element in your garden.

You’re never going to run out of options for accent pottery for your one-of-a-kind garden oasis. You can find pottery in various colors and intriguing styles and materials, from glazed ceramic to terracotta and fiberglass. Garden pottery decor also comes in many sizes and shapes, from tall vases to short, wide vessels.

If you’re not sure which garden pottery in San Diego to choose, reflect on your design theme. Are you looking for something eclectic? Sophisticated? Trendy? Your aesthetic goals will help guide your final purchases. And no matter your style, pottery will add artistry and beauty to your exterior space.

You’ll find numerous uses and benefits of pottery when you include it in your garden, including:

  • Elegant statuettes: Aside from containing your backyard plants, pottery provides elegance to your garden in statuette form, such as whimsical animal clay sculptures.
  • Artful vases: On their own or with gorgeous flowers, you can place clay or ceramic vases on outdoor tabletops or beside other plants for added flair.
  • Decorative Bowls: Place pebbles, fruits or even pine cones inside pottery bowls and disperse them throughout your garden. You’ll find they add contrast to your other design elements when included in your exterior space.
  • Unique plant containers: Pottery makes an ideal vessel for growing plants. You might hang your pottery on poles with luscious floral arrangements to showcase your green thumb, or group multiple vases with fruits and veggies beside your garden to better control your vegetation. You can even place pottery on the corners of your flower beds for added structure and elegance.

3. Consider Water Features

As you’re improving your garden with decor, investigate the possibility of adding some type of water feature. You might choose a well-placed water fountain or a serene koi pond filled with iridescent fish and colorful water plants.

Water features add a touch of grace to a garden. Though you’ll want a water pump to circulate the water efficiently, you don’t have to worry about noise. Pumps can be whisper-quiet. So pull up an outdoor chair alongside your cascading copper, marble or stone water fountain and enjoy the tranquility.

4. Construct a Conversation Area

Do you want your garden to become a sanctuary for family and friends to gather? Along with the right outdoor furniture and lighting, a fire pit or table can be a huge asset to your backyard area.

In addition to offering a soft, warm glow, you can also use fire pits for dramatic effect in a thoughtfully decorated garden. If you do a lot of outdoor entertaining and want to expand your living space into the garden, a fire pit may be the ideal focal point. Include outdoor speakers for fun backyard parties and cozy hammocks for fireside chats with loved ones.

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