Thatch Products

Natural thatch, artificial thatch, umbrella & palapa kits, and accessories are all available for your decorating requirements at Backyard X-Scapes. Your tropical structure is just a few steps away, with all the components and resources you need to build the centerpiece of your tropical getaway.

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Thatch Products

Natural thatch, artificial thatch, umbrella kits & Palapa kits, and accessories are all available for your decorating requirements at Backyard X-Scapes. Your tropical structure is just a few steps away, with all the components and resources you need to build the centerpiece of your tropical getaway.

Thatch Building Materials.

Why Choose Thatch Products?

Thatch roofing and umbrellas are unique additions to both commercial and residential properties. More than just a novelty, however, they offer several tangible benefits, including:

  • Affordable
  • Natural pest and weather resistance
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Exceptional durability

See below for a detailed explanation of how a thatched roof is a smart and eco-friendly choice.

Of course, the most significant benefit to thatch roofing is the sense of fun and personality it brings to any space. There's nothing quite like getting together with friends under the Palapa — even if you're miles from the sea, you'll instantly be transported to a tropical paradise.

Our Thatch Products

Backyard X-Scapes has an extensive inventory of thatch products available for sale, all of which we carefully and sustainably sourced from suppliers around the world. Our inventory includes:

  • Natural thatch: Our natural thatch products include Mexican palm, Tahitian thatch and African Cape Reed roof panels, runner rolls and more. All products undergo careful inspection to ensure a high level of consistency and quality. That being said, natural thatch does exhibit some variance in color and size from piece to piece — part of what gives it its unique, organic charm. Naturally weather-resistant, thatch roof is suitable for use anywhere, and will instantly add a touch of tropical flair to any interior or exterior space.
  • Artificial thatch: Natural thatch is an excellent choice for many applications. However, it does have a limited lifespan. For a more convenient alternative, consider an artificial thatch product by manufacturers such as Viro Java Palm Thatch™, Art Thatch™ or Viroreed™. To an untrained eye, our products are virtually indistinguishable from natural thatch. They also offer many of the same environmental and economic benefits.
  • Umbrella and Palapa kits: On the beach or the patio, a classic thatch umbrella or Palapa kit is a timeless addition. We sell turnkey kits made from synthetic thatch. Several sizes and configurations are available — all of which can be counted on for years of exterior use. Elevate your space with these convenient tropic thatch products.
  • Accessories: A wide range of accessories complements our Tiki thatch products. From frames and tables to our Flame Safe treatment, we have everything you need to complete a backyard transformation.

Ready to get started? A Backyard X-Scapes representative can help you put together a package of products or recommend a Palapa kit for your home or commercial project. Keep reading to learn more about our products and the benefits of working with our team, or contact our office directly for assistance.

Thatch Roofing Supplies

Commercial and Wholesale Thatch Roofing

While we work with any homeowner who wants to add a tropical flair to their property, we also sell a wide range of thatch products to restaurants, bars, resorts, theme parks and other businesses. As the largest Tiki thatch company in the country, we have an extensive inventory of high-quality products that will stand the test of time in demanding commercial settings. Wholesale pricing is available for select items. Visit our Wholesale/Commerical page to request a quote.

Browse our inventory of products and accessories for details, and place your order online for fast shipping to your location.

Natural and Artificial Thatch - It's Time to Make Your Tropical Backyard Complete

You'll find a great variety of different items to help make your tropical backyard complete. We offer everything from a pre-made thatch umbrella, or if you're interested in creating a customized thatched roof, we also offer a variety of different Tiki roof material that can be combined together to create the appearance of authentic Tiki thatch. Our thatch runners are designed to be placed on an existing roof or new construction, not to provide waterproofing, but to provide that rich, Tiki thatch roof look that is synonymous with the best island design.

Once you've got the roof settled, turn your attention to the components underneath. You'll find a selection of tables designed to mimic natural structures such as wood or stone, all with a hole in the middle to comfortably accommodate a thatch umbrella. After you layout the basics, focus on the details. Even a single plywood edge or exposed seam can ruin your décor, so don't leave any stone unturned. With detailed photos and clear specs, it's easy to coordinate.

High Quality Natural and Artificial Thatch

Tiki Huts with Thatch Roofs

There's nothing like adding a new Tiki Hut to your backyard, or to your company's outdoor lunch area. Tiki huts with thatch roofs make great "eye candy" and are very affordable to create. We are one of the largest suppliers of bamboo and thatch, whether you're looking for synthetic thatch or natural thatch. We also carry Viro Java Palm, Viro Reed and Baja Palm Thatch. Each having its different tropical unique look. Along with bamboo poles and bamboo fencing supplies, you have all you need to create a tropical wonderland for any project.

Thatch Makes the Difference on Any Outdoor or Indoor Tropical Feature

Our Mexican thatch is eco-friendly. We carry many environmentally friendly products to help preserve the environments. Mexican thatch, along with other types of thatch can be incorporated for large commercial products. We have many restaurants, resorts, and other types of attractions across the country using our thatch on various types of structures and tropical designs. It doesn't matter if you're looking to spruce up your indoor home bar, or add a tropical paradise theme to your backyard, we have the products to make it both affordable and easy.

With the help of some well-placed thatch products in your yard, you can enjoy a relaxing island feel all year long in the comfort of your own home! If you are struggling to find thatching material that is both high quality and also affordable, look no further than Backyard X-scapes, which is home to bamboo and thatching for a myriad of projects.

Both Artifical Thatch and Natural Thatch

We have an amazing selection of natural thatch and artificial thatch. If it’s a roof you are constructing, take a look at our synthetic thatch roof material. The synthetic thatch is enticing due to its relative low cost and has varied product lifespans. You don’t have to worry about synthetic thatch molding or rotting. When customers hear the word “synthetic,” they worry that the roof will appear fake looking, but it’s not so. We pride ourselves in providing a product that lasts up to 3 to 5 years, depending on the weather conditions in your area.

Constructing a Thatch Roof - Fun, and Rewarding

Constructing a thatch roof is not a huge undertaking, as it may initially seem. We supply you with palm thatch rolls that can be used on the roof and even bars! The installation is relatively easy, requiring only zip ties and staples to put the entire roof together. We’ve seen customers construct thatch roofing on their homes or personal businesses.

Perhaps you seek to make small additions in your home or on your business’s site. One small change to the landscape such as a thatched umbrella can change the entire atmosphere. A Tiki umbrella is a fun element to add to a backyard that is begging for an exotic, island feel. A thatched umbrella is an easy and affordable way to modernize your yard.

We Carry The Very Best Synthetic Thatch Roof Material You'll Find

Backyard Xscapes has everything you need to complete your project from synthetic thatch roof material to palm thatch rolls. Together with our customers, we work together to help you figure out what you need to enhance your space! By selling materials that do not shed and resist pest damage, you enjoy products that can last for 20+ years.

Ready to transform your home or business interior or exterior into your own tropical oasis? Get started today by browsing our expansive selection of high-quality thatch products. Contact us online today or give us a call at (866) 222-1422 to discuss your project with one of your experienced professionals.