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Our specialties? Well, we’re the industry go-to bamboo supplier for: fencing, poles, paneling, slats, borders, furniture, rugs, chair mats, and stains. We also offer eucalyptus poles and reed and willow products.

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There are as many obvious and common ways to use bamboo as there are unapparent and uncommon. So, don’t be surprised if, while browsing through our pages, selecting materials for your grand project, your mind wanders to the eccentric and begins to imagine all sorts of unique and fun things you can make with bamboo like a: bicycle, room divider, outdoor fence, garden trellis, interior screen, a bamboo water hammer, wind chimes, curtain rod, footbridge, treehouse, Tiki Bar , dog house. The list is endless. Bamboo isn’t only for your exotic, tropical projects; it’s practical and fun!

Commercial-quality Bamboo Products can be Used for a Multiple Number of Trades

Our commercial-quality bamboo products can be used for a multiple number of trades such as theme parks, indoor and outdoor home décor, business décor, hotel resorts and more. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly building material, which when used helps aid in preserving the environment when chosen over traditional timber. This sustainable material grows with the tenacity of a weed. All of our bamboo products are incredibly durable and can last for many years. As they are capable of withstanding harsh weathering conditions. This versatile building material can be used for any business or home improvement project. There are over 3000 different species of bamboo, and we at Backyard X-Scapes, the go-to bamboo company, only carry the finest bamboo found in southeast China. The bamboo is hand selected to ensure that we only provide the highest-quality bamboo there is to choose from. The bamboo selected is then made or cut to size for bamboo fencing, poles, panels, slats, matting, rugs, and more.

Bamboo as a Versatile Material

Bamboo has been used for decades for multiple purposes. It has been used as a food source, for instruments and clothing, as furniture, and as a building material. Many people use bamboo for outdoor design but it can also be used indoors. Now, the bamboo plant is often used as a construction material for building gazebos, bars, and planters, but it’s also used as a decorative material for floors, ceilings, and walls.

Bamboo brings nature into your home

As a natural product, bamboo brings a natural, calming view into your home. Now, we see that bamboo is being incorporated into a lot of modern design. The sleek décor sets the tone for the rest of the room. Whether you’re using bamboo as flooring material or as a furniture piece, bamboo can bring elegance into your home. Our photo gallery displays more innovative ways to use bamboo in a stylish and captivating fashion. From bamboo poles that shape a beautifully done gazebo or bamboo fencing roles that help shape the outline of a house; you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the versatility of bamboo. Click here to view our image gallery.

We carry a variety of bamboo products at our bamboo store, ranging from bamboo poles, bamboo borders, bamboo paneling and bamboo slats, rugs and mats. We also carry reed and willow fencing products.