Fountains offer a variety of benefits, including providing a sound that soothes the nerves and a design that neither imposes on the visual landscape or fades into the background. Whether indoors or outside, the sight and sound of falling water has been proven to calm frazzled nerves. At Backyard X-Scapes, you'll find every variety of fountains to quiet your senses, from pedestal fountains to wall fountains to basin fountains to indoor fountains.

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Create a tranquil setting on your patio by surrounding an Alaster Fountain with elegant hollow garden spheres or enhance your backyard with a concrete garden fountain. Backyard X-Scapes carries water features in many shapes and sizes that are suitable for gardens, ponds and reflecting pools. Our outdoor garden waterfalls will complement your spa, outdoor fireplace, garden, gazebo or any other major focal point in your backyard.&nbsp

Enhance the entryway to your home with the soft sounds of a trickling fountain. We carry a variety of home water fountains to match your home décor. Place a small fountains for home in the study to help create a peaceful environment for reading or add a touch of elegance to your vanity or guest dressing room with a water fountain for home.

Our product specialists are ready to help you through the process of ordering and receiving the custom-made fountain of your dreams for your backyard, garden or other landscaping project. Contact us today with any questions or simply place your order online. Our friendly and courteous staff is here to help you.