Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing is a versatile and attractive choice for a variety of applications. If you're looking to bring a tropical feel to your business, or simply want to add an organic touch to anywhere in the home, Backyard X-Scapes can help. We carry high-quality options for every customer, sourced from a network of suppliers that stretches around the globe.

Browse our different styles of bamboo fencing, including natural, natural black and manufactured black. Our fencing is offered in 3/4-, 1- and 2-inch diameters with a variety of choices for height, length, and color.

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Bamboo Fencing

Installation-wise, our bamboo fencing panels can be used in new construction or attached to preexisting structures – and they're made to last. Each bamboo panel is constructed using heavy-gauge galvanized steel wire for added strength.

Stop by our installation gallery for some inspiration. Here you’ll find unique and creative uses for our bamboo panels. There are all sorts of ideas for your home, personal space, office, restaurant, resort, vendor booth, etc.

We at Backyard X-Scapes offer you the best quality products (at affordable prices), that are guaranteed to transform your space into that tropical paradise you’ve been wanting!

Why Choose Bamboo Fencing?

There are many reasons why you should consider bamboo fencing for your home or business. Here are a few:

  • It's good for the planet: Bamboo is a fast-growing grass. Unlike conventional hardwoods, which may take decades of careful management to grow back to their former splendor and health, harvested areas will regrow quickly. Compared to plastics and other inorganic materials, bamboo is fully biodegradable, which means less waste ends up in a landfill at the end of its lifespan. If you're concerned about the environment — and these days, who isn't? — choosing bamboo fencing for your next project is the best way to do what's right for the planet.
  • It's inexpensive: Who says doing the right thing has to cost a fortune? Because it's so abundant and fast-growing, bamboo fencing is also more affordable than hardwoods and other building materials. We sell our products in convenient pre-assembled rolls, which means you'll save money on installation costs, too. Most of our products don't require any special expertise to set up — even if you're not an especially adept do-it-yourselfer. That translates to money in your pocket at the end of a big renovation or another project.
  • It's durable: With bamboo, inexpensive doesn't mean cheap. Bamboo is stronger and harder than many wood species. As a result, it is suitable for use in a variety of applications, from building construction to decorative accents. It is capable of standing up to long-term exposure to the elements, particularly when treated with one of our stain products. This means that, when you use bamboo fencing, you are getting something that will deliver reliable performance well into the future.

Our Products

Backyard X-Scapes has one of the largest selections of:

  • Natural Bamboo Fencing: Has a classic light blond look most people associate with bamboo. We carry many different sizes for any residential or commercial application.
  • Natural Black Bamboo Fencing: A rarer alternative that is darker in color. Backyard X-Scapes is one of a small number of online suppliers carrying this rare material.
  • Manufactured Black Bamboo Fencing: Mimics the look of authentic black bamboo using a proprietary process.
  • Wood Stains: For finishing your purchase by adding a richer color and extra protection against the elements.

We work with our suppliers to develop industry-leading quality control processes, ensuring everything we ship is in excellent condition. That being said, bamboo is a natural product and does exhibit some variation from piece to piece — which is part of what gives it a rustic, exotic charm.

It's Easy to Build a Bamboo Fence for Your Backyard

Building a bamboo fence in your backyard or garden can be completed quite easily, with inexpensive bamboo fencing rolls available through Backyard X-Scapes. Whether you are seeking greater privacy or you’re looking for a way to add style and ambiance to your backyard’s landscaping, affordable bamboo fencing will help you accomplish your vision.

Before investing in quality fencing, you must first consider materials. While some folks build fences made of wood, the most commonly used material, few consider the benefits of using traditional bamboo. One benefit of using bamboo is that it is quite sturdy. Because of its lightweight nature, it is easy to build with and can be moved by just one person. Beyond practicality, it is one of the most beautiful ways to adorn your space, both inside and outside. Fences are typically built for practical reasons, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy the practicality while also adding beauty? Bamboo is one of the most attractive materials you could use in constructing your new fence.

Different Options and Styles for Your Bamboo Fence

Backyard Xscapes offers natural, black and mahogany bamboo fencing options as well as your choice of full found poles, split poles, slats, and more. You may want to add bamboo borders or reed products to your backyard to add to the design theme. Because we offer one of the best selections in the market, you can one-stop-shop for everything you need to landscape your backyard. From artificial rocks to water fountains to another tropical décor, it’s no wonder why Backyard Xscapes is a favorite among landscaping professionals and interior designers.

Commercial and Wholesale Service

Bamboo fencing is great for restaurants, tiki bars, amusement parks and many other commercial operations. If you'd like to place a bulk order of bamboo fencing, use the form on our Commerical/Wholesale page to request a quote today.

Contact Backyard X-Scapes Today

Reach out to us via our online contact form or by phone at (866) 222-1422. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about your bamboo fencing project! 

Not to brag, or anything, but do you know that we're the largest distributor of bamboo fence panels in the United States? It’s true. And, that’s no coincidence! That’s the result of our work ethic and philosophy. We pride ourselves on providing you with a great product, at a great price, and exceptional customer service. Our success has been consistent through the years. Luckily, you found us!

If you haven't read our Top 10 Reasons to Use Bamboo on our Bamboo Products page you may want to check them out. You'll feel good knowing that using bamboo is good for you, and the planet. Bamboo fencing is: eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable, recyclable, economical, and so much more.

And remember, bamboo fencing isn't just used to make fences. While it's a great alternative to chain link fencing, or wood, in addition to high-lighting the beauty of your greenery, its utility extends beyond the obvious. It has multiple purposes, and creative individuals, like you, are always inventing new ways to use it. Not only are our bamboo panels easy to work with, but, they’re FUN! You simply attach them, one to another – they’re sort of like Legos for adults! Oh, the things you can create!