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We, at Backyard X-scapes, have a fun and colorful collection of authentic-looking, hand-carved hawaiian tiki masks to customize your tropical destination! You can rest assured that we have you covered when it comes to tropical decor like: tiki masks, tiki signs, tiki torches, tiki lights, bamboo products, thatch products, and more! You’re just a few clicks away from finding all the perfect, exotic, tropical embellishments you’ve been looking for. It has never been easier to create your own private paradise with an authentic, tropical island look, and feel!

We have a wide selection of: wooden tiki masks, tiki signs, and tiki torches, that will transform your garden, home, business, or event, into an exotic, tropical destination! Your island setting, or backyard paradise will bring you joy for years to come! Many of our tiki signs, tiki masks for sale, and tiki torches, are made from a combination of natural, biodegradable sustainable, renewable materials. So, you can feel good knowing that you’re purchasing products that are good for the you, and the planet.

Whether you’re seeking an everyday paradise, or want to create an unforgettable event, our tribal tiki masks are sure to rise to the challenge! You can use our tropical tiki masks to add an element of fun and intrigue to your tropical themed event, home, business, or garden décor. Some of our creative, innovative customers have used our tiki masks in the following ways: to decorate tiki bars, kitchens, baths, bedrooms, and living rooms. They’ve strung, or hung them on: walls, yachts, sailboats, cars, campers, tents, and treehouses! They’ve used them to decorate their lawns and placed them strategically to accomplish whatever affect they wanted. They’ve use them at entrances to summon an instant mystical, tribal feel. They’ve used them in vegetable gardens to scare away uninvited, furry diners! They’ve used them in their vendor booths to create an authentic primitive atmosphere that adds value to their original products. Interior decorators use our authentic tiki masks; as do tropical destinations like: hotels, amusement parks, famous restaurants, and resorts. The options are endless and the effects, unforgettable. Your guests will be entertained and mesmerized by the creatively carved, social media-worthy faces on our classic, colorful, tiki masks. We have 12 different tiki masks from which you can choose. They’re available in two sizes: 20” or 40”.

You can easily and effectively create that authentic tribal look, and feel anywhere you’d like! Our wooden tiki masks are easy to display. We recommend that you incorporate some of our natural rope and braids into the hanging, or stringing, of our unique, colorful tiki masks! No island-themed tropical destination is complete without one of our unique intriguing tiki masks! We’re confident you’ll enjoy browsing our Tropical Décor pages where you’ll find everything you need to create and customize your one-of- a-kind, tropical themed, piece of paradise.

Decorating Tip: Incorporate some of our natural grass and palm rope, and braids, in the hanging, or stringing of your tiki masks for a more artistic, authentic look, and feel. Don’t detract from the beauty of your self-created, tropical paradise by displaying your tiki sign with regular, unattractive rope. Those authentic finishing touches make all the difference!