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Your island setting is just a few clicks away with tropical décor from Backyard X-Scapes. Create a backyard paradise with tropical decorations like tiki signs, tiki masks and garden tiki torches.

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We have a wide selection of tropical wall art including: Tiki masks, Tiki signs, and Tiki torches, that will transform your garden, home, business, or event, into an exotic, tropical destination! Your island setting, or backyard paradise will bring you joy for years to come! Our tropical home decor including tiki signs, tiki masks, and tiki torches, are made from a combination of natural, biodegradable sustainable, renewable materials.

Whether you’re seeking an everyday paradise, or want to create an unforgettable event, tropical decorating with our tiki masks, tiki signs, and tiki torches are sure to rise to the challenge!

Why Choose Our Tropical Decor?

Backyard X-Scapes is North America's leading supplier of tropic decor. We source our products from around the world, giving them an authentic look and feel that you and your guests will appreciate. If you're considering adding more tropical or Tiki bar-inspired elements to your home or business, here are a few great reasons for doing so:

  • Tropical decor is fun. The effect that even few small Tiki bar decorations can have on your space is profound. Our products instantly convey to your guests that your patio or home is a place where they can relax, enjoy a few drinks and let the good times roll.
  • Tropical decor transports you far away. Our tropical decor brings the island breeze to you, even in the dead of winter. No matter where you are in the country, our products instantly impart a sense of exotic warmth you'll appreciate all year round.
  • Tropical decor is versatile. From subtle accent pieces to full-on retro island style, the possibilities for our tropical decor are limitless. We offer products for every home and every taste, whether you want a room adorned with hand-carved Tiki masks and Hawaiian-inspired signage, or a simple set of torches to light up an exterior space.

We have one of the largest selections of tropical decor and Tiki decorations available for sale online. Follow the links below to browse our products and learn more about your options.

Our Tropical Decor Products

We have a wide selection of tropical wall art, including Tiki masks, birds, paddles, wind chimes, Tiki signs and Tiki torches, that will transform your garden, home, business or event into an exotic, tropical destination! Your island setting or backyard paradise will bring you joy for years to come!

Whether you’re seeking an everyday paradise or want to create an unforgettable event, tropical decorating with our Tiki masks, Tiki signs and Tiki torches are sure to rise to the challenge!

Hand-Carved Tiki Masks

Our hand-carved Tiki masks can be used to decorate your Tiki bar, kitchen, bath, bedroom or living room. They can be strung or hung on walls, your yacht, sailboat, car, camper, tent or tree house! They can be used to decorate your lawn or Tiki bar. You can place them strategically so as to scare away your neighbor’s mean dog, or perhaps his pesky wife? Just kidding.

But seriously, the options are endless. Your guests will be entertained and mesmerized by the creatively carved, social media-worthy faces on our classic, colorful, Tiki masks. We have 12 different Tiki masks from which you can choose. They’re available in multiple sizes: 20”, 40” and 60".

Authentic-Looking Tiki Signs

Our authentic-looking, festive Tiki signs can be used in many of the same ways you can use our Tiki masks. We have 31 different tiki signs, in various sizes, from which you can choose.

Our hand-carved Tiki signs immediately communicate that welcoming aloha spirit. We have signs communicating a variety of phrases and slogans like: Aloha, Love Shack, Please Remove Shoes, Mahalo, Bar’s Open, Surf’s Up, Welcome and more! Place one of our fun, brightly colored Tiki signs at an entrance to set the mood for your luau, barbeque, wedding celebration, birthday party, graduation or for no reason at all! Originally used in mid-20th century Polynesian art, our Tiki signs make the perfect addition to your tropical destination.

Many Styles of Tiki Torches

You can easily and effectively light up dark spaces in your garden or pool area with our Tiki torches. We have 18 different Tiki torches from which you can choose — all of which will create a warm, welcoming glow wherever they’re placed. We have die-cast pole torches, tabletop Tiki torches, sconces, solar Tiki torches, solar lanterns, Vienna Tiki torches and more! Our Tiki lights offer an artistic, ornamental appeal and are easy to display or attach.

Enjoy browsing our tropical decor pages and select your favorite authentic-looking Tiki masks, Tiki torches and Tiki signs!

Tip: Don’t detract from the beauty of your self-created, tropical paradise by displaying your Tiki sign with regular, boring rope. Use some of our natural, renewable, grass and palm rope. Those authentic finishing touches make all the difference!

Potential Applications

There are many ways to use our Tiki decorations. In the home, they're a great addition to a bar, patio, Palapa or other space. Use them alongside our natural thatch umbrellas or bamboo fencing to go full-on tropical, or as an accent piece to contrast more modern decor.

We're also a leading supplier of tropical decor for commercial operations. Our products are ideal for theme restaurants and Tiki bars, and everything from amusement parks to other tropical themed environments.

Commercial and Wholesale Tropical Décor

Looking to purchase a large order of tropical Tiki decorations for your business or home? We can help. We offer wholesale specials on select items. Best of all, we maintain an extensive inventory in our U.S.-based warehouses and can fulfill most purchases quickly and efficiently.

Use our wholesale contact form to tell us more about your project and request a quote.

Your Source for Quality Tropical Products

Find out for yourself why we're the country's leading source of Tiki decor and related products by placing an order today. Our team is available seven days a week to answer your questions and help you select unique, interesting decorations for your home or business.

Shipping is free on most items. If you'd like to learn more or view detailed specifications, please visit individual product pages. You can also contact our office online or speak with a representative directly at (866) 222-1422.