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Backyard X-Scapes has got you covered with the highest quality Mexican thatch – pun intended.

Historically, palapa thatch was first used as shelter and clothing. But we know you're not here because you want to make a thatch bikini. You're here for something grander. Thatching is most notably an ancient roofing art, originally used in tropical and temperate climates.

Fortunately, thatching transcends the historic boundaries of roofing. It's an economically and environmentally sound way to naturally accent, beautify, or simply cover anything you’d like. Some common thatching projects include: tiki bars, gazebos, ceilings, windows, walls, umbrellas, and roofs.

Our Mexican thatch panels, runner rolls, and top cones are one of our most popular thatch products. Originally, Mexican thatch was used as shelter from the harsh climates by the natives in Mexico. Now, thatch is used as a decorative accent or as a roofing material in many homes and businesses. Thatch is easy to install and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Our Mexican thatch products are made from the highest quality palm leaves found in Mexico. The palm leaves are cut and cured into strips and are then woven together into beautifully laid out thatch rolls or panels. This technique is also done to ensure durability and longevity.

Mexican thatch was originally called "rain capes" because they were used as shelter during the rainy season. Now, when designed and installed properly, thatch is made to have rain water roll off of the structure.

Mexican Thatch is an eco-friendly product

Our Mexican thatch is a renewable resource and is 100% recyclable. No trees are cut during the process of creating our products because we don’t cut down the trees to make our products, we simply tear down the palm leaves. Palm trees grow in tropical regions and require less water and maintenance than other trees. You can feel comfortable when purchasing our products because we are not harming any forests or living environments.

Most commonly known for commercial use

Thatch is most commonly used in commercial projects. Many themed restaurants, tropical resorts, and theme parks use thatch to help build their whole overall experience.

But anyone can use thatch in their home for gazebos, tiki bars or any outdoor structure.

You can find inspiration in our photo gallery, where customers have sent in their before and after photos. Build your own tropical paradise using our thatch and bamboo products.

For wholesale/commercial inquiries please fill out our wholesale form or give us a call. All other inquiries, give us a call and we’ll help you any way we can – including calculating the right amount of thatch to help you build your island escape.