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Fiji thatch is a natural thatch roofing material and one of the most popular in the world for many good reasons: naturally exotic, affordable, durable, renewable, and good for the planet.

If your goal is to create a slice of paradise - using our Fiji thatch panels is the way to go. Our woven Fiji thatch roofing material will allow you to easily and economically achieve an authentic, tropical feel in any indoor or outdoor space.

Our Fiji thatch panels are made from Fiji grass from the coco palm tree. It’s a renewable, sustainable building material you can feel good about using – unlike wood. Every time you opt for a natural thatch building material you’re saving a piece of the rainforest. Our Fiji thatch panels are made by vertically cutting the palms of the coco palm tree and then carefully hand weaving them into sturdy panels. These panels are an excellent eco-friendly roofing material alternative over traditional wood, asphalt, clay and stone options.

Fiji thatch roofing material can be used for all sorts of practical and decorative applications: thatch palapas, gazebos, cabanas, bungalows, tiki bars, walls, huts, ceilings, villas, thatch roofing, decorative wall coverings, decorative ceiling coverings, thatch umbrellas, umbrella accessories, and more! And, if you need to cover an asymmetrical structure, no worries … our Fiji thatch panels are versatile and can easily cover irregularly shaped structures.

Fiji thatch is a natural insulator. It's more effective than most traditional, building insulation. Fiji thatched roofing will help you stay cool in the summer; warm in winter. And, Fiji thatch can hold its own in harsh weather. Fiji Thatch has withstood hurricane force winds, demonstrating that, when applied correctly, your thatch roof can endure a variety of weather conditions.

Thatch can be used to replace your old, unattractive, regular roof shingles. Our Fiji thatch products will immediately improve the look and feel of any structure. With natural Fiji thatch building material it's easy to create a relaxing, tropical vacation feeling at home, or at your business, all year long.

Fiji thatch roofing panels are installed in layers. The panels can be zip tied, nailed, or stapled to any wooden surface. We recommend that your roof pitch be at least 30 degrees. The steeper the pitch, the more easily water will run off. Our thatch products are naturally weather-resistant, won't absorb large amounts of water, and won't increase roof weight.

Our natural Fiji thatch is best-suited for dry, low-rainfall climates. If you live in a high humidity, high rainfall zone, check out our synthetic thatch options!

Our natural thatch roofing materials will last a long time and - they're low maintenance.

Your Fiji thatch roof investment is a good one. Typically, thatch roofs don't need to be replaced often with a general life expectancy of 5-10 years depending on climate conditions

Every day, more and more individuals, and business owners, are wisely refusing to use wood in their building projects. They're opting for earth-friendly building materials. And, that's what we, at Backyard X-Scapes, are all about. We hope you join the ranks of conscious contractors by utilizing our renewable, sustainable, and earth-friendly construction materials.