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Backyard X-Scapes sells a wide range of natural thatch products for use in roofing, wall covering, fencing and other applications. Easy to install in the home, but durable enough for restaurants, resorts and other commercial applications, our products add a tropical touch to every property. Browse our inventory below, or contact a Backyard X-Scapes representative directly for assistance.

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Our Products

We source our natural thatch products from around the world. Options include Mexican palm, Fiji coconut palm and African reed, which we offer in runner roll sheets, panels and umbrella covers. All products are made by trained artisans using traditional techniques, and they are inspected by our team upon arrival in our warehouse. The result is a natural thatch product of impeccable quality.  

All products are easy to install and require minimal maintenance with the correct setup. Natural thatch will exhibit some slight variation in size, color and consistency from piece to piece — but this is part of what gives it such a unique, tropical character. We also offer artificial thatch roof materials, which mimic the look and feel of a natural product.

Benefits of a Natural Thatch Roof

The most obvious benefit of a natural thatch roof or fence is the unmistakable character it brings to a room. No matter where you are in the world, you and your guests will be instantly transported to a warmer, more welcoming place. For these reasons, thatch is an excellent choice for tiki bars, beachfront properties, palapas, cabanas and more. 

However, there are benefits to choosing natural thatch that extend beyond its unique appearance. Thatch is one of the most sustainable building materials — palms and reeds are both fast-growing plants that require comparatively little resources to grow and harvest. As well, thatch is lightweight and versatile. One of its key advantages is that, if one panel becomes damaged, it can be quickly replaced without the need for an expensive or time-consuming repair. 

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Backyard X-Scapes is one of the largest suppliers of natural thatch roofing products for homeowners, contractors, designers and other clients. We have a longstanding reputation for quality control as well as excellent customer service. Place an order online for fast shipping to anywhere in the world. We keep an extensive selection of some of our bestselling products on hand in our San Diego warehouse, so there's little risk of a delay or backorder. 

Our team is available seven days a week to answer questions about any of our products. We would be happy to help you assess your needs and recommend a thatch roof material that works for your budget. Getting started is easy — explore our website to learn more about our products, or contact our office by phone or email for assistance. 

Anyone who wants to bring a island feeling outside should try thatch on every part of the deck and lawn. You can change your styling pretty easily. You can tie the tiles together without difficulty, and it is simple to replace when you need to make a change.

Natural Thatch Roofing - Naturally Weather Resistant

Our Natural Thatch is an ideal construction material for roofing irregularly shaped structures. It is best-suited for dry, low-rainfall climates. If you live in a high humidity, high rainfall zone our Synthetic Thatch is ideal for you!

Thatch is naturally weather-resistant, doesn’t absorb large amounts of water and won't increase roof weight. A 45-degree roof pitch will allow precipitation to travel down the steep slope of the roof. Thatch is a natural insulator in both warm and cold weather and often works better than conventional building insulation, like fiberglass. Thatch provides good acoustic insulation for quiet living conditions when applied to low, rounded roofs.

Hurricane force wind tests of up to 100 mph in California have demonstrated that, when applied correctly, thatch has good wind resistance properties. Natural Thatch is easy to use and lighter than traditional building materials. Natural Thatch reduces deforestation, is naturally beautiful and will transform any area into a tropical environment. We carry only top quality Mexican Thatch, African Thatch, Fuji Thatch, Viroreed™ (artificial thatch) and much more.

Thatch Roofing Materials - Treat Yourself to a New Thatch Roof

Our Thatch Roofing Materials are made to last and require no finishing, or maintenance. You have the option of spraying a varnish on the underside of your Thatched Roof to give it a bit of a shine. Good news is that thatch roofs don't typically require frequent replacement. Five - ten years down the road you can opt to simply apply a new layer of thatch to freshen it up! And, thatch roofs are super easy to repair. Strength-wise, they are able to endure heavy winds and rain when incorporated into a stable support structure.

There are a lot of benefits to using our thatch roofing materials. Building a Natural Thatch roof is easy, and affordable. Thatch is a natural insulator in both warm and cold weather and often works better than conventional building insulation, like fiberglass. Your thatched roof will ensure that your structure will stay cool in the summer; warm in the winter. Thatch is naturally weather-resistant, doesn’t absorb large amounts of water, and won't increase roof weight. A 45 degree roof pitch will allow precipitation to travel down the steep slope of the roof.

Thatch Products are the Choice for Building, for Many Reasons

Conscious contractors, designers, decorators, commercial businesses, theme parks, resorts, hotels, vacation rental owners, and individuals consistently choose our Thatch Products over wood and other building materials for all these great reasons! Browse our Thatch Products now to find everything you'll need for your upcoming thatch roofing project!