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An Economical Artificial Thatching Solution with Optimal Beauty

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Artificial Thatch

Artificial thatch is a great alternative to a natural product — one that lasts longer and requires less care. As part of our commitment to offering options for all customers, Backyard X-Scapes carries an extensive selection of artificial thatch products, carefully sourced from our manufacturer-partners around the world. Follow the links below to browse our current inventory or contact our office directly for details.

Synthetic Thatch Products

Our artificial thatch products include:

  • Virothatch™ Palm thatch: Virothatch™ mimics the look and feel of Java palm, a popular thatch used in umbrellas, Tiki huts and other structures. Virothatch™, made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), features an authentically coarse exterior texture with variegated deep brown and honey colors. Available products include panels, umbrella panels and top round cones, in both fire-rated and standard configurations.
  • Viroreed™ thatch: Viroreed™ is another popular product that mimics African reed and is also made of HDPE. It is shorter, rounder and more uniform than Virothatch™ and is a great choice for Palapa roofs, among other applications. Viroreed™ artificial thatch won't deteriorate over time and is resistant to termites and other pests that can plague a natural product.
  • Baja Palm Thatch: Synthetic Baja Palm™ Raincape is an artificial Mexican palm style product that replicates the warm colors and tropical thatch-work traditions of the Baja California region. Baja Palm™ products include individual panels and sublayers as well as convenient top cones for creating an authentic thatch roof for your gazebo or other structure.
  • Pacific Palm thatch: Pacific Palm thatch is another synthetic roofing material. Individual panels cover one square foot, making installation fast and straightforward. Pacific Palm products are Class A fire-rated.
  • Kenya Reed thatch: Kenya Reed synthetic thatch is Class A fire rated and is fully recyclable. It is an economical and affordable solution for creating elegant thatch roof Tiki huts without the hassle of using a natural product.
  • Umbrella Kits: Backyard X-Scapes offers commercial grade artificial thatched umbrella kits. Their metal frames are heavy duty and galvanized and come with all thatch needed. We offer them with both our synthetic palm and reed systems.
  • Art Thatch Accessories: Finish off your custom thatched structure or umbrella kit with a concrete table or another accessory. We offer sturdy and high-quality products to compliment any installation of our Art Thatch brand products.

Not sure which product is best for your application? A Backyard X-Scapes representative can go over your requirements and recommend something that meets your technical, aesthetic and budgetary needs. We're available seven a week to serve customers, so call (866) 222-1422 or assistance at your convenience.

An Economical Artificial Thatching Solution with Optimal Beauty

There's a large demand for artificial thatching products that are both realistic and economical. In the past synthetic thatch has been either one or the other. All that has changed with the introduction of Art Thatch™, a new and eco-friendly thatch work solution that replicates real reed and palm beautifully while still being affordable and long-lasting. Baja Palm™ and Zulu Reed™ are a modern way to bring tropical beauty to your landscaping.

Backyard X-Scapes is pleased to offer this attractive and affordable synthetic thatch selection to our inventory of high quality, commercial grade thatching products. Art Thatch's simulated reed and palm roofing thatch can be used in the same ways as traditional materials, but will last years longer without any of the shedding or pest damage.

Affordable Synthetic Thatch

The highest quality natural thatch lasts up to 7 years, and that depends on your climate conditions. Compare that to Art Thatch™, which has a sustainable life of 20+ years in all climates. That's more than double the life of natural palm and reed counterparts. That adds up to a major savings on roof replacement and maintenance costs.

So while the initial investment is about the same as natural thatching materials, our artificial palm and cape reed solutions come out ahead as much more economical than traditional palm and reed.

Eco-Friendly Artificial Palm and Reed

High quality, optimal realism, durability and a great price aren't the only advantages of Art Thatch brand roofing products. This modern synthetic thatching is also as environmentally responsible.

Both Zulu Reed and Baja Palm are made of polypropylene (PP), one of the most chemically neutral plastics in the world. This means that our simulated reed and palm panels are safe for use around sensitive water tables, landscaping, and marine environments. And the water run off from roofs thatched with these products poses no risk to human health, as well.

Compare this safe simulated thatch made from quality polypropylene with imitations made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). That out-dated plastic dates from World War I and is infamous for its toxic product lifecycle and harmful runoff.

All of our Art Thatch™ products and accessories address the demand for safe and sustainable synthetic thatching while also providing optimal realism and durability.

No Fuss Install Thatch-Work Solution

Our synthetic umbrella thatch, top cones, and other panels are all designed for easy installation on both roofs and our Umbrella Kits. Both Zulu Reed and Baja Palm Umbrella Panels have built-in clips that snap perfectly onto the individual metal rings of our canopy frames. And our various sub-roof and starter panels can be installed on any existing solid or open beam roof design.

You can relatively easily trim Art Thatch panels with a sharp razor knife or shears. To attach Zulu Reed or Baja Palm to a new or existing roof use galvanized or stainless screws, roofing nails, or pneumatic staples.

For more details about Art Thatch installation, application ideas, or roofing calculations, call us to consult one of our experts by phone.

Fire Rating

Our Virothatch, Viro Reed and Baja Palm simulated thatch products are available in both Class A fire rated and non-fire rated forms.

The Right Solution for Any Thatch Project

Art Thatch is the ultimate answer in beautiful, affordable and eco-responsible exotic artificial thatch roofing.

The affordability and durability of Artificial Thatch product makes it the ideal sustainable development solution. Whatever your project's style or budget, you can depend on us to provide a safe and beautiful product that's both economical and eco-responsible.

Artificial Thatch Applications

Synthetic thatch is a great choice for both homes and businesses. Our clients use our artificial thatch products to create welcoming, natural-looking outdoor spaces where people can relax and enjoy life. Whether you are a homeowner looking for the perfect tropical patio or you are renovating a restaurant, resort, bar or any other commercial space, Backyard X-Scapes artificial thatching is an excellent choice that will deliver years of worry-free performance.

Commerical and Wholesale Sales

Backyard X-Scapes offers wholesale sales of all synthetic thatch roofing and related products. Visit our Commercial/Wholesale page and request a quote for a bulk order of any of our products.

Backyard X-Scapes is the country's largest supplier of natural thatch products. We also know what to look for when sourcing synthetic alternatives. We offer fair pricing, expert service and a large selection of artificial thatch rolls and accessories — many of which aren't available anywhere else.

Place an order online, call (866) 222-1422 or contact us online to talk with one of our representatives.