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We, at Backyard X-Scapes, have several tropical-themed embellishing solutions for you – all of which are cost-effective, biodegradable, and eco-friendly. Choose from the following natural, ornamental rope and braids: Sennit rope, Rumba braid, Bac Bac braid, and braided seagrass.

Our Sennit rope is an attractive addition to your indoor tropical- themed project. It’s ideal for use as a decorative accent, or as a creative alternative to regular, unattractive, boring rope. (Sorry traditional rope but you just can’t compare with our renewable Sennit rope!) Sennit rope can be used to secure thatch leaves to any structure, to secure bamboo slats to your fence, to suspend signs above your tiki hut, and to enhance anything you’d like! Our Sennit rope measures 9mm in diameter by 50’ long. Buy as many sections as you think you’ll need!

Our beautifully, handwoven Rumba braid has a flattish surface texture with a distinct and exotic diamond pattern through the center of the braid. Rumba braid is a versatile, practical, solution for so many of your tropical themed decorating needs. Rumba braid measures ¾ “wide by 150’ long. Buy as few or as many bundles as you need!

Our Bac Bac braid is made from the bark of the banana tree. It measures 1” wide and is available in 100 foot long bundles. Bac Bac natural palm braiding, like our natural Bac Bac matting, is an aesthetically pleasing blend of earth tones and is a perfect finishing touch to your indoor island-themed projects. Bac Bac braid’s flat surface texture makes it the best option for seamlessly blending your natural matting panels to achieve that finished look to all your decorative projects.

Our seagrass braids, handwoven with river reed, measure 1” wide and come in bundles of 100 feet. Seagrass braiding is strong! Its ornate diamond patterned texture with subtle variances in natural earthy tones makes it a classy addition to any space.

All our natural ropes and braids - like all of our bamboo, thatch, and matting products – are eco-friendly, recyclable, sustainable products you can feel good about using. And, application is a breeze – tie, nail, cut, glue! It won’t always be in that order but basically, it’s that simple. Just grab a few household tools like: a hammer, scissors, nails, some strong glue, and get ready to put some finishing touches on your tropical destination!

Whether you’re a homeowner, or commercial real estate mogul, we have all the island-themed bamboo, thatch, rope, braids, and basket weave matting solutions you need for your destination paradise!

We know you’ll enjoy browsing our website and selecting all-natural, earth-friendly, renewable, sustainable, decorating, and construction materials you can feel good about and enjoy for years to come.

If you have any questions or special orders please contact us. We’ll do our best to get you exactly what you need – when you need it.

Helpful hint: Our natural, earth-friendly palm and grass, ropes and braids are a great way to seamlessly blend your natural and synthetic thatch matting.