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Lauhala woven matting is another environmentally kind, tropical, natural palm, decorating material. This affordable, aesthetically pleasing, earthy, matting option is handwoven with sun-dried Hala leaves. It has multiple applications and is the perfect exotic, finishing touch for your indoor tiki bar, walls, ceilings, cabinets, resined countertops, pool house, cabana, guest house, wainscoting, and more. Transform your space into a tropical oasis with an authentic Lauhala mat today!

Lauhala weaving is an ancient tradition that originated in the South Pacific. It has been passed down through generations and continues to be appreciated as a work of art. Lauhala’s rich earthy colored layers add a tribal, evocative charisma to your tropical paradise. Lauhala woven matting, also known as, “banig”, is a great addition, welcoming tropical vibes with its rich, natural hues and texture.

Our handwoven Hala leaf matting is available in a traditional, standard weave as well as a fine weave option. It’s sold in convenient-sized rolls that will have been carefully inspected and quality tested prior to shipping.

Your Lauhala woven matting investment is durable, practical, and made to last. Our standard weave is designed in an approximate one inch checkered pattern - typical of the Lauhala signature look. Imported from the Philippines, this Hala palm leaf matting material is: eco-friendly, recyclable, sustainable and biodegradable. Compared to other natural fibers (like sisal) Hala is twice as strong, and will last for years to come.

Whether you're planning on building a brand new tropical destination, remodeling your current paradise, or embellish pre-existing structures, your Lauhala matting investment is a good one. Easy and fun to work with, Lauhala decorative matting can quickly transform any open, or closed space, into a more aesthetically pleasing place. We recommend using our authentic Lauhala woven island matting in combination with our bamboo slats as they make the perfect finishing trim for multiple layers of matting when applied to solid surfaces.

You won't need to hire a contractor or handyman– unless, of course, you're not excited to do it. Otherwise, just grab some strong glue, staples, nails, and hammer, and you’re good to go! If you need to cut your matting, its best to have a pair of sharp scissors or one of those razor blade tools on hand. Before resizing, it's a good idea to apply some tape to the back of the matting so it won't fray, or unravel, while you're cutting.

For commercial applications, re-sale inquiries, or custom orders, please see our special website section or contact us! We're here to help.