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Our Lampac matting is probably the most elegant of our matting and netting options. Lampac matting is made from the dried blades of reed grass. Skilled craftsmen weave these blades into an aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated, basket-weave pattern. The blades organically transform from natural rich green, gold, and mushroom tones to a potpourri of earthy shades that will compliment any indoor, or outdoor living space.

Lampac matting has many aliases: Lampac reed matting, natural grass matting, natural reed matting, decorative straw mat, reed mat, and palm matting. But, regardless of what you call it – this natural matting option will give you that relaxing, exotic, jungle-like look and feel you’ve been wanting.

Our decorative matting is your solution to: unappealing walls, less than desirable ceilings, boring cabinets, and dull counters. It's also a great addition to your cabana, tiki hut, bar, or even just as wall art! You can incorporate our affordable natural palm matting anywhere … Add a splash of island luxury to your: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, guest room, vacation rental, office, or business!

Our Lampac matting is user-friendly. Application requires no special skills, or knowledge. Just find a flat surface that needs a make-over. It's easy to customize your matting to fit any space. Apply tape to the back of the matting, where you'll be cutting, so when you begin to cut your mat won't fray. Next, grab a pair of sharp scissors and cut the matting to whatever size you need. To apply the matting, you'll need a hammer, nails, and a glue gun with some strong glue.

Beyond the superficiality of our natural grass matting lays its great appearance and aesthetic appeal. The reed grass used in our Lampac matting option is biodegradable, 100% earth-friendly, and renewable – unlike so many other matting options on the market today. That means that by choosing one of our natural matting solutions you'll be saving the rainforest from deforestation. Every time you say "no" to wood, another tree lives! So, if eco-friendly, recyclable, biodegradable, and renewable, are words that are important to you, you've made a great choice!

Lampac matting is available in individual: 3' x 6' sections and conveniently bundled in 10-packs.

Helpful hint: A great way to seamlessly blend your matting panels together is to use some of our rope and braids.

Remember, no project is too large or small for us, at Backyard X-scapes. If you have any questions or special orders please contact us.