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Abaca matting is just one of several popular, exotic matting solutions we offer.

Our intricately woven Abaca cloth matting is typically made from carefully selected Pandanus leaves, or from Hala Tree palm leaves. The finely woven, sophisticated pattern is a result of a long process of leaf preparation by artisans who create this beautiful cloth as their livelihood.

This detailed weaving process is extremely labor intensive. First, the leaves are selected and cleaned individually in the sea. Next, the thorns are removed and the leaves are flattened and dried in the sun. The remote area that provides the leaves for our natural matting has an endless supply of this renewable decorating material. Originally used for sleeping mats, this ancient art has expanded and evolved to include both practical and decorative applications.

Our popular Abaca natural matting is flexible, bendable and easy to work with. It's lightweight – so no heavy lifting required.

Application is easy. A hammer, some nails, and a bit of STRONG glue will do the trick. You can purchase our natural matting in 2' by 33' individual matting sheets for smaller projects, or bundles of 10 for your larger ones!

Abaca matting is known by many names: Abaca matting cloth, natural leaf matting, natural reed matting, decorative straw mat, reed mat, and natural palm leaf matting. Regardless of what you call it – this natural matting option will create a relaxing, exotic, island-feel for your project.

Beyond the beauty and practicality of our natural cloth matting lays our favorite characteristic: it's 100% biodegradable. The natural materials used to make our natural matting options are earth-friendly, and renewable – unlike so many other matting options on the market today. Our natural matting solution is a product you can feel good about. Each time you say "no" to other toxic building and decorating materials you're saving a piece of our rainforest!

Helpful hint: A great way to seamlessly blend your matting panels together is to use some of our earth-friendly rope and braids.

Application tip: Before cutting, apply a bit of tape to the back of the matting so your mat won’t fray.

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