We, at Backyard X-scapes, carry only the highest quality natural and synthetic palm matting and rope netting available. This decorative, interior and exterior matting is lightweight, affordable, practical, and easy to work with. All you need is: strong adhesive glue or staple gun, a tape measure, and an active imagination.

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Our natural and synthetic tropical palm matting and netting is a sustainable, renewable, recyclable, do-it-yourself material that’s ideal for embellishing your pre-existing tropical themed décor, or creating one at: your home, office, vacation rental, resort, hotel, restaurant, mobile retail business, or any environment into which you’d like to inject a bit of tropical island flair. Our natural and synthetic palm matting and island rope netting is popular and used by: theme parks, interior decorators, individuals, business owners, and more.

The Affordable and Stylish Alternative - Matting and Rope Netting

Palm matting and rope netting are affordable, pliant, and stylish alternatives to other traditional decorating materials and are sure to compliment your existing bamboo furniture or add a refreshing, tropical flair to your living or work environment. You can use our matting artistically, or practically, to: cover walls, ceilings, floors, as a floor mat, to wrap your center kitchen island, to dress up cabinets, bars, or doors. Our eco-friendly matting and netting is a great renewable, recyclable alternative to pain or wallpaper.

Many Options to Start Your Tropical Design with Matting, Ropes, and Braids

While our matting is beautiful, as is, you may consider applying a clear polyurethane or varnish for added sheen and durability. Or, you may prefer the natural, unaltered-by-man, earthy glow. It’s simply a matter of personal preference. Our natural matting, netting and rope products include: Lauhala, Bac Bac, Lampac, Abaca Cloth, and Viro synthetic, as well as a varied selection of: ropes, braids, and netting. Each is unique with natural markings, tone and design. Browse our wide variety of options to find the one that best suits your color and size preferences.

Its also reassuring that your matting and netting investment is safe for the environment, doesn’t contribute to deforestation, and will last you for years to come. Enjoy browsing our website. If you have any questions, special orders, or custom needs, just call or email us – we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Matting, Netting, Ropes and Braids:

  • Lauhala matting – available in individual: 3’ x 6’, 4’ x 8’, 3’ x 50’, and 4’ x 50’ sections, and bundled 10-packs
  • Bac Bac matting – available in individual: 4’ x 8’ sections and bundled 10-packs
  • Lampac matting – available in individual: 3’ x 6’ sections and bundled 10-packs
  • Abaca cloth matting – available in individual: 2‘ x 33’ sections and bundled 10-packs
  • Viro synthetic matting – available in 5 shades with varying weaves/textures: 4’wide x 25’ long
  • Ropes and braids – Sennit rope ( 9mm x 50’), Rumba Braid ¾’ wide in a 50’ bundle, Bac Bac Braid 100’ bundle, Braided Seagrass 1” wide x 100’ bundle
  • Netting – please call for details.