Backyard X-Scapes.com features thousand of products from many suppliers. We cannot ensure that the listed disclaimers below apply to all suppliers. Please contact us at (866) 222-1422 for product warranty and details. 

Most fountains, statues, benches and planters are constructed with poured cement unless otherwise mentioned. 

Most fountains, statues, benches and planters are finished and antiqued by hand in a variety of different colors. These products are made from natural materials and may vary slightly in texture, size, shape and lighting. Without proper treatment, all water features experience calcium buildup. For fountain maintenance, visit the “How To” section of our Blog. 

Concrete by nature absorbs moisture. In cold climates, this can have adverse effects on concrete structures. Concrete left in standing water, not properly covered or protected during freezing temperatures can pit, crumble, or in some cases crack concrete. Do not allow water to collect in a fountain to freeze as this may cause cracking. Pouring cold water into a hot fountain may also cause cement to crack. 

Make sure fountains are filled to the appropriate level. We do not recommend leaving fountains running overnight or while no one can monitor the fountain’s water level. Running a fountain dry or at an inadequate water level will cause the pump to burn out. Leaving your fountain running continuously for eight hours, will most likely require daily water refills. Keep your fountain free of leaves and debris, as they may clog the pump and prevent proper circulation. 

Warning: Excessive weight or pressure on a fountain may cause it to fall. Do not climb, sit or lean on the fountain or its components. Most fountains are held together by gravity and have no interlocking component parts. 

Bamboo Products
Bamboo will naturally age to a silver-gray color. You can offset aging slightly by maintaining your bamboo just as you maintain any outdoor or wood product. Use a high quality, oil-based, UV resistant deck sealer. In rare instances, wet weather will cause mildew, leaving a mold-like substance on your bamboo. For cleaning and care of your bamboo, go to the “How To” section of our Blog. Bamboo may also crack or split. This is a natural process and does not affect the integrity of the bamboo. The manufacturer does not guarantee the physical consistency or the size of our bamboo fencing. Fencing products are bound together with galvanized wire which will show signs of rust over an extended period. 
The Mahogany bamboo fencing and slats are stained and are recommended for indoor use. 
Bamboo rugs and mats are for indoor use and will not withstand outdoor elements. 

Mexican Rain Cape Thatch is 80% water resistant. Avoid use near open flame. This product is not recommended for canvas umbrellas as the added weight may cause the umbrella to collapse. 

Artificial Boulders
Length and width measurements for each product are taken at the base. The height measurement is the highest point of each rock. If you have any questions about whether an item will work with a particular rock, please contact us and we will assist you.


Please do not hestiate to contact our customer service reps for further details on your potential purchase. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.