Wrap Without Waste

Christmas is less than two weeks away. Hopefully, everyone has completed all their holiday shopping, decorating and organizing. Now it’s time to wrap!! In our traditional “green” spirit, we have come up with suggestions to curb the another wasteful holiday habit: tossing tons upon tons of the wrapping waste in the garbage. Countless rolls of dyed wrapping paper, non recyclable tape and tissue paper are thrown out every year during the holidays. We believe that if we are committed to going green throughout the rest of the year, there is no reason that commitment should waver during the holiday season.

We all have stacks of newspapers, magazines and various scraps of paper lying around. Give these odds and ends that are now useless to you a new life. The comic section is colorful and adds a bit of humor to gift giving. You can really use anything to wrap with – old calendars, wallpaper samples, last years greeting cards, children’s art work. We can all admit to hoarding things for sentimental value that wind up just taking up space in our closets and garages. Make this year the year you go green AND create more space in the attic.
Remember when we had to use maps to navigate? Now with smart phones and GPS, we always know where we are and also where all of our Facebook friends and acquaintances are at anytime of the day or night. But what happened to all those colorful maps that were all but required on any road trip? They are sitting in the backseat of your car, in your glove box and in that drawer under the sink just waiting to reincarnated as creative wrapping paper.

Eliminate tape by tying your presents together with natural twine or yarn. Most tape is non-biodegradable by itself and all tape must be removed from wrapping paper before it gets tossed in the recycling bin. Reduce or eliminate tape use by learning creative tying techniques or wrapping in bags and containers that don’t require tape.
Use eco-friendly compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of bows. They are visually interesting, come cheap when bought in bulk and encourage your special person to go along on your “green journey” as well. Compact fluorescent light bulbs range in price from $1-$4 and are available at most home improvement, home décor and mass retail stores. An eco-friendly long lasting light bulb sure out shines that holiday ribbon that will be used once and tossed in a landfill.

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