Why Using an Artificial Thatch Roof is a Great Alternative

Thatch is a beautiful material that can be used to implement a tropical theme in your backyard or patio area. It is ideal for use around pools as well as in lushly landscaped yards that use tropical vegetation. The material may be used for everything from roofs on palapas and cabanas to umbrellas and more. There are many types of thatch including artificial or synthetic thatch. There are several key reasons why you may consider an artificial thatch roof over a natural material.

Highly Durable and Low Maintenance

First, an artificial thatch roof is highly durable with low maintenance requirements. Natural thatch is typically made from reeds or palm leaves. Because they are natural in composition, they are slightly more subject to damage due to exposure to the elements, including birds and pests.  Artificial thatch is less likely to have these problems and will not fade or discolor over time. They do not mold, rot, decay or shed. Artificial thatch also resists termites and other pests. This is a material that is perfect for long-term outdoor use in any climate and has low maintenance requirements.

20-Year Warranty

In addition, artificial thatch roofing from Backyard X-Scapes comes with a lengthy warranty period. You want to keep your yard looking great for many years to come. Because the materials offered through Backyard X-Scapes have up to 20-year limited warranty, you can buy with confidence. The material is also recyclable, so it is easy to discard when it is time to replace it many years down the road. There are both fire rated and non-fire rated materials available, so you can choose to install a safer material in your yard.

Make the Best Decision with Backyard X-Scapes

As you can see, there are several key reasons why you should buy an artificial thatch roof if you want to install a tropical theme in your space. If you are replacing an existing natural thatch roof or are decorating your space with a tropical theme for the first time, you want to make the best buying decision. Backyard X-Scapes is one of the largest thatch supplier in the U.S. For many homeowners, the right choice is to install an artificial roofing material. Browse through the selection of both natural and artificial thatch materials online at BackyardXScapes.com.

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