Which Type of Bamboo Pole Should You Use?

bamboo fencing room divide

Bamboo poles have been used throughout history for its beauty and function. Bamboo is a fast growing plant which made it ideal for building structures such as homes, bridges, scaffolding, etc. An extremely positive benefit of using bamboo is that it is an environmentally friendly material. They are flexible yet are extremely durable and long lasting. Some types of bamboo are known to have the tensile strength of steel!

bamboo poles vase indoor decor

The color of a bamboo pole depends on the type of bamboo. Moso and Tonkin are types of bamboo with the beautiful natural hue of yellows, tans, and beige patinas. Our black bamboo poles come from the beautiful black cane bamboo. It is a blend of black, dark tan, and dark green for a earthy look. Both colors are a neutral color that will be a beautiful backdrop for most designs.

Bamboo poles also come in various widths and lengths. The width of the pole can change the feel of the room. Bamboo pole lengths can range from 5 feet to 10 feet. Some poles come split in the middle which is perfect for certain types of projects. It may be easier to add half bamboo poles to walls or flat surfaces.

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