Where to Plot Backyard Fountains

Backyard Fountains

When you make the decision to install backyard fountains to your home the first thing to consider is where to put them. Many people want to install them towards the back of their backyard and others want the fountain to be the first thing they see when they look outside. While aesthetics is a valid approach to deciding where to put your fountain there are still many other factors to consider when installing backyard water fountains.

Consider electrical sources and water access

Unless you’re open to having an electrician come work with you, the best thing and more economical thing to do is to consider placing your fountain near an existing electrical outlet. Also, having a hose or a water source nearby is beneficial as you won’t have to move water around.

Secret garden effect or part of daily life

As I mentioned earlier, some people prefer having their backyard fountains towards the back, which is often called a “secret garden.” A removed area to go and meditate gives your fountain that destination effect. If you want the fountain to be a part of daily life, then placing it towards the front is your best bet. It’ll allow you to enjoy the beautiful view and sounds of running water at any given time.

Feng Shui for Backyard Fountains

Feng Shui is a system of arranging your surroundings in harmony and balance with the natural world around you. It’s all about arranging your environment for optimum energy flow. Feng Shui encourages the placement of a water feature at the southeast corner of your space for increased energy flow and quality of life. As long as the water seems to flow into your home, you’re in the clear because having water flow out of your home is bad luck, according to Feng Shui.

Avoid low spots

Most low spots hold water, which can cause difficult problems including a lifted liner, crumbling excavation, and sinking stones. Having your fountain in a low-lying area can collect dirt and other debris, which will only hurt you in the long run because you’ll have to keep cleaning more often than usual.

The first step to installing backyard fountains is site consideration. Once you have that covered you can start looking into different styles.