Why You Should Use Bamboo Rugs in Your Home

Bamboo Rugs


As more and more people learn about the benefits of living an Earth-friendly lifestyle, the market for alternative fabrics and building materials has exploded. People have started to look for ways to live their lives while trying to tread as lightly as possible. Due to the speed with which it grows and its low reliance on pesticides, bamboo has emerged as a popular alternative to many traditional materials. Bamboo is now used in everything from building materials to fabrics and dishes. Bamboo is now even used as a material in the creation of beautiful rugs. In fact, bamboo rugs are growing in popularity at a very fast rate with each year.

People who use bamboo rugs do so for a wide variety of reasons. Some of them enjoy the feeling they get when they do something good for the environment. After all, bamboo requires very little agricultural input to grow when compared to what it takes to grow cotton or develop wool. Since it is a natural fiber, bamboo is also much more environmentally-friendly than nylon-based rugs. All in all, a bamboo rug is going to be more environmentally-friendly than a rug made out of almost any other commercially available material.

Texture and Design

Other people enjoy the texture of a bamboo rug over that of a nylon or wool-based rug. Bamboo has a very unique and supple texture to it that isn't entirely matched by other materials. In addition to their unique texture, bamboo rugs also express certain types of dyes exceptionally well. Cold-water reactive dyes are especially well-paired with bamboo fibers and this can create some truly brilliant designs. This is because there are many cold-water reactive dyes that are very intense in color. Thanks to the way bamboo fibers retain these dyes, the colors can be vibrant without being overbearing.


Another very unique aspect of bamboo rugs can be found in the longevity and eventual disposal of the rug. A bamboo rug can last you for many, many years without any issue whatsoever. The fibers are so naturally strong that they stand up to abrasion very well. Bamboo fibers are also naturally resistant to water damage and mold damage. These factors pile up and help to paint a very durable, long-lasting picture of bamboo rugs. However, all good things must come to an end at some point. When it's time for the rug to be disposed of, it can either be recycled through a recycling facility of your choosing or simply composted. The composting potential of your bamboo rug will depend entirely on how it was treated and what types of dyes were used to decorate it. If no chemical treatments were used and the design is comprised of safe dyes, then the rug can be composted at the end of its life.

In the end, there are a lot of great reasons to make use of a bamboo rug in your home. Bamboo is quickly becoming the go-to material for people who want to be good to the environment while still living stylishly.

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