Tropical Holiday Decorating Ideas

One of the greatest things about this time of year, that can also be stressful is the back to back holidays.  Right after Thanksgiving, in addition to tasty leftovers and an abundance of sales, comes the bittersweet task of planning for Christmas and New Years.  Prepping your home for the holidays doesn't have to be an expensive, time consuming or brain wrenching project.  Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of your holiday decor and save money at the same time.

Bright Lights

White twinkle lights are a perfect way to dress up your home or garden accents for the holidays and the best part is that they can be re-used all year round.  Many gardens, restaurants and trendy neighborhoods use white lights to dress up trees and create a magical atmosphere.

To create your own backyard "candy cane lane", line your thatch umbrella kit with lights to not only create a tropical holiday look but also light up a table setting or walkway.  White lights, unlike the colored ones, are versatile to use all year long.

Decorate Creatively

Instead of going the traditional route, merge classic iconic holiday items with a tropical twist.  Add Holly or Poinsettias to Tiki Statues to accent an area, or make a wreath out of Bamboo and Thatch for your front door.

Don't want to clean up after the holidays are over?  The classic popcorn garland can bring the family together to make a yummy decorative treat.

If you don't have a fireplace to hang stockings from and don't want to put holes in the wall, line your wall with bamboo fencing and use hooks to hang decor and various items from it.  This way you can re-use the bamboo for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Save a Tree

This year instead of buying a pricey tree that you will only use once and then dispose of, go green and use a plant or tree that you can use to decorate your home year round.  Many smaller palms can be be decorated with lights and hold festive accents just like a pine tree can.  Not only will you be adding a tree that can be reused to give your home a tropical feel, but you'll be saving a tree as well.

This year remember that the holidays are about fun times with loved ones.   Go green, be creative and find items that you can use throughout the year to make your purchase worth it.  Also you don't have to completely revamp the home for the holidays.  Look into your closet to see what items from previous years can be re-used.  Many dinner settings from Thanksgiving can be used for Christmas time as well.

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