Tropical Decorating Tips for Designing Your Perfect Retreat!

Tropical decorating
tips made easy for the perfect retreat!  Even though we are not quite into summer, a trip to the tropics is not a reality for all of us. But never let that stop you from stepping foot into your tropical themed backyard! You CAN bring this lifestyle into your home, and every time you step out the back door, you’ll be stepping into a tropical oasis.

You CAN bring this lifestyle into your home, it possible! And every time you step out the back door, you’ll be stepping into your own tropical oasis.

Creating your backyard escape is so much simpler than you think. Just create something from what you have always envisioned and dreamed of having of your own

Water Features

tropical decorating

Like in our last post, water feature additions are a perfect way to enhance an outdoor area or garden with relaxing sounds and realistic tropical backgrounds to your personal retreat. The mecca of tropical decorating would be to add a beautifully designed Feng-Shui water fountain, a pond or Buddha water fountain that can give off Asian inspired energy into the design process. The smooth, relaxing sounds of trickling water has its way with jet-setting your mind into the tropics without ever having to leave home.


Thatch BBQ

Décor is the most important part of pulling off your tropical decorating needs. Of course, Polynesian themes, with tiki statues, art decor, and thatched roofs can accelerate your backyard into a mind-blowing resort-style bungalow. But your choice is your choice, and you do have the ability to explore multiple other options depending on what exotic destinations personally inspire you.

What type of tropical decorating?

Firstly, one must choose the theme and direction when they think of the tropics.  What stuck out to you as far as design and decor are concerned? How can you recreate that scene by purchasing decor like bamboo, thatch (which is related to any tropically decorated scene!) Do you prefer the Hawaiian themed surfer hangout retreats? Or the lush landscapes and beauty of Bali with naturally built bamboo huts and bungalows?

Tropical Designing Process

Accordingly, plan the size of your yard as well as how you intend to use the space. Will you be installing a bamboo fence around the perimeter? You’ll need the measurements before you make the installation, that way the appropriate amount of supplies are ready before you start your project. You will want to know ahead of time what you want, so you don’t end up overspending your budget.



Thatch roofing, palapas, or DIY Tiki Huts a favorite among many tropical resorts.  Many of the classier resorts choose a thatch roof or pergola covered with lush garden foliage. These types of coverings will help keep yourself and guests cool during that day and night.