Tropical Decor for Everyday Living

tiki torches and thatch tiki hut

With the warmer weather coming up soon, start getting ready to build or update your outdoor oasis! With beautiful outdoor and tropical decor pieces it is easy to decorate your place with that special finishing touch! Perfect for everyday decor or entertaining, tropical decor will create the tropical, beach-y, or relaxed look you always wanted in your space. Use tiki statues, tiki signs, bamboo signs, tiki torches, tiki bars, or even matting!

Tropical signs

Tropical Decor Signs

Nothing protects your garden better than a tiki statue! This fierce guardian god is a wonderful enhancement for your backyard. Add him to entryways or among lush plants. Tiki signs are another great way to decorate your tiki bar, walls or party tables. This tropical decor comes in various styles and sayings. Welcome family and friends with floral accents such as the Hibiscus sign and Plumeria sign. They come with sayings such as "Aloha", "Welcome", "Happy Hour", and other friendly words. Our tiki signs also come with Palm Tree decorations. This beautiful sign is subtle and natural in color that comes with many different types of sayings. The surfboard sign is another whimsical and beach life-style sign that will work perfectly for indoor and outdoor decor.

Hammered Copper Kona Deluxe Tiki Torch

Tropical Decor Lighting

Nothing creates better ambiance than soft lit fire. Add tiki torches outside to create a tropical atmosphere. You can use the traditional tiki torches made from woven materials for a beach/tropical party. There are also gorgeous hammered or smooth metal tiki torches that can be used as elegant everyday lighting.

Bamboo Tiki Bar

Tiki Bars and Matting

Kick up your backyard and gatherings a notch by adding your own tropical tiki bar. Decorate it further by adding special matting behind the wall or on top of the tables. Hang tiki signs greetings guest to "Happy Hour" or a friendly "Aloha".

lauhala matting with a wide weave

Tropical decor can enhance your entertaining area with beautiful and fun signs. Add beautiful torches for soft and warm lighting and decorate your walls and tables with intricate matting. Take your entertaining to next level with your own tiki bar and add a tiki statue on top of the counter for extra protection from the tiki gods!

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