Travelling for Memorial Day? Go Green!

Memorial Day is just around the corner and for most of us, that means the start of the summer traveling season. We find excuses to get outside, to go to the beach and to escape the trials and tribulations of everyday life. However, just because our schedules have new values, doesn't mean we have to give up our green ones. Here are three ways you can maintain your green values even when you're far away.

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Pack Light. Not only will being prudent in your packing choices make your life easier when it comes to moving your luggage around, but it will also reduce the weight put on whatever train, plane or automobile you will be traveling by. The lighter the mode of transportation, the less gas it uses. We have already discussed cleaning out the trunk of your car to get better gas mileage; the same concept applies to larger transporters.

Buy Local. Eating at local restaurants and purchasing authentic souvenirs will not only create a unique travel experience but will reduce carbon emissions required to transport food and trinkets from faraway places. Additionally, you won't be paying transportation and shipping costs but will put the money back into the local economy for higher quality, authentic meals and products. Besides, who wants to eat at McDonald's again when you can have freshly prepared dish from a recipe perfected by the local culture?

Do Your Airline Homework. Many airlines are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Aircraft initiatives like reducing bulk and actively decreasing taxi times make a big difference in reducing gas consumption and emissions. It is important to support those companies that are making 'green' changes.

So travel, experience, learn and stay green this summer!

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