The Remarkable Bamboo Plant

Bamboo forest

Bamboo is a very unique plant. It grows quickly (as much as 24 inches per day), it’s actually a grass, yet it’s used for wood to build, eaten for food, and even made into medicine. Bamboo is very universal because of it’s vast applications in cultures around the world. On top of it all, it’s a sustainable plant that keeps on giving. In fact, it grows so well that it can thrive in mild to poor soil conditions and the only way to get rid of it is to get every part of the root system out of the ground. Bamboo poles are the truest, most simple of all bamboo products, yet it serves so many purposes.

Bamboo poles

Bamboo poles, for example, have many practical and impractical uses. To get a full scope of the many impractical uses of bamboo poles, one only has to watch a few episodes of Gilligan’s Island. In our modern times with much focus on natural materials, sustainable resources, Eco-friendly products, etc., bamboo poles are one of  the most natural, sustainable, and Eco-friendly product on the market. Bamboo poles are also very strong and flexible, which is what makes them such a great building material.

Bamboo poles are often used to decorate both home and garden. They can be used to texture a wall or ceiling, divide a section of living space, cover up an old fence, build a new fence, or as a simple yet refined accent piece, such as a few bamboo poles in a decorative pot.

Could it be that bamboo is one of the most remarkable plants on the planet? And if so, shouldn’t we take advantage of such a remarkable resource? Bamboo can be made into many things, such as hard wood floors, cabinets, furniture, musical instruments, paper, clothes and other fabrics, in addition to the list already mentioned, and the list goes on.
Backyard X-Scapes celebrates the use of such a remarkable and sustainable resource. Backyard X-Scapes is one of the largest suppliers of Bamboo poles and bamboo products in the United States. Bamboo can transform any backyard or living space into something beautiful and entirely unique. The natural tan color of bamboo poles is beautiful, but the use of black or mahogany bamboo can provide exceptional results.

In your next decor project, replace the use of traditional wood with bamboo. Watch how bamboo wood and bamboo poles enhance your living space and backyard. Visit Backyard X-Scapes for the largest supply of bamboo poles and bamboo products.

bamboo fencing bed headboard

bamboo poles in vase

bamboo fencing room divider

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