The Many Ways You Can Use Bamboo Fencing

The trend of eco-friendly living has spawned the positive trend of using Bamboo and a building material.  Incredibly versatile, bamboo is being used commercially to produce everything from roofing and bridges to towels, bedsheets and cutting boards.  What makes bamboo "green" is it's ability to grow incredibly fast, unlike  traditional woods.

We wanted to focus on one specific product that can be versatile to use in an infinite amount of ways.  Here are 5 different ways in which Bamboo fencing can be used.

In Place of Traditional Fencing

Rather than going through the hassle and costly efforts of replacing an old fence, bamboo fencing is a cost effective way to give your old chain link fence or brick wall a brand new look.  The rolled bamboo fencing is connected by a sturdy galvanized wire, so bending it and customizing it to match various landscape terrains is easy.  Installation takes a fraction of the time that installing a new fence would, and bamboo offers a unique look which is different from the traditional planked wood fencing.

Accenting Your Patio

Your front or backyard patio serves as a place for you to escape from the rest of the world and relax on those beautiful Sunday mornings or after a hectic day at work.  Rather than the typical white picket fencing, try adding a bit of tropical flare by using bamboo as fencing for your front porch, or even as a roof for your patio.  Typical awnings and wood floorings are not only expensive but can be costly and time consuming to replace or maintain as well.

Adding Feng Shui to Your Home or Garden

Although many of us cannot take off at a moment's notice for an across the world getaway, you can create a place of Zen at home.  It is said when enhancing the Feng Shui in your home, that bamboo and water have both healing and energy balancing properties.  Simple elements such as live bamboo plants, a pond or rock garden and bamboo fencing to enclose your garden, can instantly create an exotic place for you to escape to.

Decorating Walls

The common misconception is that bamboo fencing is meant for outdoor use.  The magic of bamboo is it's versatile ability to enhance and adapt to any decor.  Rather than committing to a color of paint and spending a day prepping your walls, try accenting with various colors of bamboo fencing and hanging your favorite artwork.  In addition to adding a new look to your room, you'll also be adding a textural dimension to your walls.

Using Your Imagination

As we mentioned earlier, bamboo can be used for an infinite amount of things.  When you purchase a roll of bamboo fencing, you are not limited to just outdoor fencing uses.  Our bamboo fencing can be used in place of driveway gates, as room dividers, accenting ends of a baby crib or even as decorative roofing.

No matter your decorating style, modern, industrial, classic or contemporary, by incorporating bamboo, you are infusing a unique and tropical look while also promoting the use of a renewable resource.
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