Thatched Roofing - The Advantages


A thatched roof is made with naturally grown reed or palm that can be used to form a waterproof roof and or naturally shaded overhead. When seeing a thatched roof dwelling, bungalow or thatched shading umbrella, you cannot help but notice the "intrinsic" beauty of the naturally thatched roof exterior. There are many benefits to using thatch products for your designing needs.  For example, we sell Mexican Palm thatch, Fiji & African thatch.   Natural thatch roofing and this also naturally weather resistant.

A thatched roof in different climates.  It works and is economical.

A thatched roof is desirable in areas where there are hot climates & temperatures because of its natural insulating benefits. The more layers and density of the material the cooler the bungalow or shaded area becomes. And likewise, the colder it is outside, and the thicker and more layered thatching, the warmer it stays.

For the most part, a thatch roof can be installed to be waterproof. However, not all thatching roof materials are guaranteed to provide waterproof shelter. Depending on the layering of the materials and building techniques and designs of the construction. The result varies.

Thatched roofing is great for the person who cares about the environment, wants to contribute to a sustainable "greener" solution and renewable resource for their roofing needs.

Shaded areas with an installed thatched roof can also be quite beneficial.  You can decorate with bamboo-made furniture and other renewable resources that can create an ideal tropical or exotic location.

Tiki hut, bars, resort bungalows, umbrellas, and the infamous palapa and other tropical themed structures, have all been made using thatched roofing.  It adds a touch of the tropics and is also affordable to use.  Many discover how simple it is to create and build your thatched roofing for your personal residence or commercial project. Working on a DIY thatch and roof and structure is a great way to impress your neighbors and visitors especially when hosting your next backyard luau party!