Technology and Bamboo - Together at Last

In our ever evolving, technologically-dependant society, we see more and more electrical hardware including everything from DVD players and DVRs to the iPhone and MP3 Players. With all this technological advancement though, there are a number of consequences. Hardware can take anywhere from 420-1000 years to biodegrade in a landfill or other waste facility. So with the rise in technology, comes the rise in hardware waste and thus the opportunity for the centuries old bamboo grass to become relevant in the cutting edge world of technology.

Companies large and small, local and international are creating environmentally sound hardware utilizing the strength, durability, flexibility and versatility of bamboo stalks. The bamboo keyboard and mouse boasts a smooth, comforting look and feel as well as a personalized look to any office of computer desk. Manufacturers claim the laser engraved keys absorbs sweat and oil as you type, offering further comfort and a unique texture. What’s more, the bamboo keyboard is completely biodegradable so when it does wear out (after about two year), you don’t have to find a recycling center or worry about it rotting in the ground for hundreds of years.

The keyboard employs the typical 106 key design, including simple shortcuts to email, the internet, mute and calculator. The set retails anywhere between $30 and $80 not including shipping. Simply plug the keyboard and mouse into your computer using their USB cable and transform your workspace in to an environmentally-friendly zone not to mention the envy of the office.

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