Supporting "Green" With the Earth Day Silent Auction

Each year after the Earth Day fair, San Diego Earthworks holds an awards ceremony recognizing individuals who have made a greener difference in the community, which is then followed by a dinner and silent auction.  Backyard X-Scapes was invited to attend the festivities and  to donate an eco-friendly product for the auction.

Our all-natural bamboo furniture added a hint of the tropics to the décor and was admired both for its aesthetic appeal and functionality while being environmentally-friendly. We're incredibly proud that our bamboo furniture set was able to raise money for a great cause, while providing attending patrons with a comfortable place to sit and enjoy.

In keeping with the motif, the event was completely waste -free.  All the drink containers and serving devices were 100% biodegradable and all food waste were separated into a bin for land fertilizer, rather than being sent to the landfill.

In addition to enjoying great food, good times and some friendly auction competitiveness, we got to see and experience all of the other wonderful green ideas sprouting up in the San Diego area.  One great auction item was for a business membership to the Green Chamber of Commerce, a business network "supporting the development of sustainable business practices, and advocating for a green public policy."  With the recent environmental devastation surrounding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we also believe that now more than ever, businesses need to be more aware of the environmental impact we make, and in which ways we can help each other to be more kind to the planet.

One of our goals at the beginning of this year was to be more involved and to meet more of the community.  Between the Padres Block Party, Art on Adams and currently now at the San Diego fair, we're spreading the Backyard X-Scapes vibes everywhere and we hope you'll check back frequently for pictures/ updates and also stop by at these events to say hi!

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