Summer Is Here!

Summer is here and we are full of cheer.
We are going to make this a good one and we know you will too because there is a lot to do wherever you are. A great way to kick off the summer is by going to your local beach or better yet one that is a little farther away that you rarely visit. Make sure to invite your friends or family along for the ride and each pack your favorite foods to bring along and share. Also be sure to pack some fun sports and water gear because the water will be warm and inviting.

If there is no beach located near you then you can always head down to your local pool or Jacuzzi because we all know that there is nothing better on a long day than relaxing in a hot tub.
Although this option is not free, it may be the best on the list. Two words, Water Park. There are more than 1,000 water parks in North America alone. They are filled with so many things to do whether you want to just sit and relax in the lazy river or are looking for adventure on a giant slide.
Some other ways to stay cool this summer is to visit a museum; this is both fun and educational so you can stay smart outside of school. Also visit the movies this year because summer movies are always the funniest.

If you are looking for a little more adventure this year, go to a state park and take one of their many trails but be sure to bring a lot of water and a hiking buddy. If it’s too hot to finish the trail, then don’t. Only go as far as you can before you need to get into that air conditioning we love so much.

If this isn't enough excitement for you then we recommend a theme park such as Six Flags or Disneyland. We know it is a bit pricey but theme parks are offering discount coupons such as a coupon in the Coca-Cola can for Six Flags or a coupon at Taco Bell for Sea World.
No matter where you are, there is more than enough to do this sunny summer. We look forward to hearing your unforgettable adventures.
Don’t forget that sunscreen!

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