Staying Healthy This Summer

There are a lot of ways to stay healthy this summer and we know you want to rock that summer body with confidence.

A good way to start off your health journey is by eating right. Picking up food, especially junk food from restaurants is tempting and easy. Grocery store shopping is daunting task but it can create a positive impact on your life. But what most people don’t realize is that it really isn’t as big as it seems. When grocery shopping you should stick to the perimeter of the store because that is where the fresh foods are located such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats and fish. The real hazards that can make you regret your shopping trip is in the center aisles where all the junk food and cereals are.  When buying foods you should look for as natural as you can get such as 100% fruit juice or whole grain items. No over processed foods. Reading the back label is key and if this seems like too much work for you then you can simply head over to a Sprouts or Whole Foods or even your local farmers market. It is very easy to find healthy substitutions in these places.

When you finally have your food, the second and most important part is to know how much to eat. The government issued a health guideline on food proportions called the my plate. This shows a wide variety of items and how much you should eat of each. Fruits, grains, protein (meat or meat substitute), vegetables and dairy. Although the dairy is on the side of this my plate, this does not mean it has to be a glass of milk. You can choose anything from low fat yogurt to calcium fortified orange juice.

After knowing what to eat and how, the next step is to focus on fitness. According to Dr. Peter Snell, about 60% of adults do not exercise. This can be because we don’t have enough time, we are tired or just plain lazy but whatever the reason, there is a solution. "The goal here is to disguise your exercise," says Barry A. Franklin, PhD. The best way to do this is by playing catch with the kids, playing freezbee with friends or just holding your abs tight for 5-10 minutes while you drive, work, or whatever it is you like to or have to do. The more you move in your everyday life, the easier it is to see results if you decide to go to a gym. Simple things such as parking your car a little farther down the road will help you reach the healthy body for summer.

Follow these steps and get your healthy summer started the right way.

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