Rebuilding Together San Diego

"Rebuilding Together San diego" is an organization we've been working recently in promoting the idea of "neighbors helping neighbors."  We find it incredibly important to give back to the communities, especially ones in which we are so much a part of.  Rebuilding Together San Diego approached us with a wonderful idea and mission, that we were honored to be able to be a part of:

" In partnership with volunteers, donors and organizations, Rebuilding Together San Diego revitalizes homes and neighborhoods for low-income homeowners and communities in need, especially the elderly, disabled and families, helping them to live in warmth, safety and independence."

In joining with Rebuilding Together San Diego, we were able to liven backyards with a fresh new look for spring.  Here are some of projects.

This bounteous garden look was created using black bamboo fencing, spare wooden crates/boxes or drawers, a palm tree, extra plants and pumpkins.  What's useful is that the boxes are not only decorative but are also functional as creative planters.

Replacing an older fence or wall can be costly so for a charming and charismatic look, our natural 4ft fence is paired with our mahogany 4 ft fence which works with the gate and borders the tall trees.

To give a walk way to a home more character, our rock bench was paired with matching path stones.

For more about the projects and how to get involved visit

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