Palapa Thatch: A Sustainable Roofing System

Palapa Thatch

The power to decorate one’s home is what excites most people because we all dream of the perfect home, and with that comes the power of design. Warm colors and certain materials make you feel cozy. While minimal decorations suggest a sense of seriousness and sophistication. A material such as thatch sends a message too. In most cases, elements with a thatched roof replicate elements found in tropical resorts so thatched roofing screams relaxation and sustainability. Gazebos and tiki bars look best with palapa thatch roofs.

If you already have palapa thatch roofing on your property, you are already aware of the distinctive characteristics that it adds to any space. As we said earlier, palapas are generally found on tropical resorts and water parks but when used in a backyard setting they can add a significant amount of flair.

Palapa Thatch is the Sustainable Alternative

Using palapa thatch as your roofing material is a sustainable alternative for many reasons. Our natural thatch is made from natural reed and palm that regrows quickly, so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment. Our artificial thatch is also an eco-friendly material. Some of our synthetic thatch materials are made from 100% recyclable, high-density polyethylene.

Palapa acts as a natural insulator for the space it’s covering and reduces the need to use any other cooling appliances, as it keeps the area cool. It also provides a significant amount of shade.

Our thatch can be used on any existing roof because the roof can be easily covered with any synthetic thatch panels without damaging the material beneath. This converts the normal, “boring roof” to a tropical paradise made for relaxation.

When properly maintained a well-installed thatched roof will offer great durability and you can expect thatch to last for several years. Artificial thatch will last longer than natural thatch. Longevity varies depending on weathering conditions.

If you’re looking for a palapa umbrella or to replace your old thatch, we at Backyard X-Scapes have an extensive selection of natural and artificial that to choose from. Make sure to give us a call or visit our website if you have any questions regarding your palapa thatch structure.