Outdoor Water Fountains - Easy and Very Affordable

Now That the Election Is Over.

Let's talk fountains! Having a fountain in a garden is a privilege. Outdoor water fountains make a great addition to backyard landscapes and around the home. Offered in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs. You'll need to scroll around (our website) to find the best fit for both your personality and home.

Christmas is right around the corner, and many of us will have guests visiting for a few days during the holidays. And if you're anything like me, you like your home to be ready and decorated for your guests during the holidays!

Three types of fountain ideas.



The Basin Fountain

Zen. Meditation. Tranquil. Smooth.

The most Zen of all the outdoor water fountains we've come across. Water flows smoothly around the shape of the fountain. Because of its Zen-like ambiance, it makes a perfect addition any meditation garden.

Some variations include beautifully shaped round, oval, ball, and block shaped fountains. Even Zen-inspired Buddha fountains can make a create addition to any Zen garden. Adding bamboo sprouts or poles to pots can add an extra touch of decor and personality, that adds extra aesthetic appeal. The smooth, relaxing sound of water flowing over the rock creates a tranquil essence.

An excellent way keep your holiday guests stress-free during the holidays. The soothing sound of flowing water creates a tranquil allure, while the bamboo spout adds to the decor. Greenery surrounds it and hides the tube that the water flows from, enhancing the aesthetic appeal.



Pedestal Fountains

Renaissance. Italian. Mystical. Relaxing.

Pedestal Fountains create the essence of the Renaissance era outdoor water fountain. A fantastic Italian garden atmosphere created instantly with the right backyard fountain. During the holiday these fountains can be decorated with lights hanging over and around the patio or yard. A beautifully classic way to recreate the past, providing a calming beautiful secret garden to relax with friends and family. These fountains usually present a more detailed and intrinsic design on these fountains, so the cost is usually more expensive than others. But worth the investment!



Wall Fountains

Mediterranean. Italian. Romantic. Secret Garden.

Wall fountains are the most diverse of all fountains. They can be placed outdoors, indoors, walkways, foyers, anywhere there is a wall present. They add a romantic, royal, and classy feel to home and gardens. Again, taking us back to the Renaissance and Romanticism eras when beautiful fountains were a sign of wealth and prosperity. Today, you can afford to add your personal touch of wealth and prosperity to your home or business.