Marrying Carbon-Free Cars with Renewable Resources

Touting the benefits of bamboo is all in a day’s work here at Backyard X-Scapes. Although we were certainly not the first to exploit the benefits of bamboo with our eco-friendly, lightweight, durable and cost-effective bamboo products, the rate at which bamboo is achieving popularity is a-ok by us. As we have discussed before, bamboo is now considered one of the most versatile materials on the planet and now is even being tested for use in car construction.

An avid electric car builder, Greg “Gadget” Abbott, was one of the first to envisage replacing heavy fiberglass with bamboo in electric car frames. He rationalized that since bamboo has a strength-to-width ratio somewhere between carbon fiber and fiberglass and can compensate for the up to 200 pound battery used by electric cars, it would be far superior than traditional steel or fiberglass for car frame construction.

We know that bamboo is considered a “green material” because of its rapid growth rate, natural growing practices and clean harvesting methods. Bamboo is just as strong as its “dirty” counterparts and much more readily available and cost effective in the long run. With twice the strength of fiberglass and six times the strength of steel, bamboo seems the next logical step in “green” car construction.

With a lighter car frame, electric batteries may be expected to travel farther than usual 100 miles per charge. More efficient electric cars will be more appealing to car buyers as well as more economically realistic. Increased efficiency and viability will hopefully make bamboo-centric electric cars the next trend in the Green Revolution.

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