The many uses of Bamboo

Bamboo is the recent trend for so many home furnishings including floors, bamboo rugs, and bamboo rugs chair mats, and it's no wonder. Bamboo has been used for centuries as major and accent pieces because it adds a warm, tropical feeling to the room. Bamboo is all natural, and it has a beautiful color when it is used with a finish or without. Bamboo lasts longer and is more durable than plastic or fabric.

The History of Bamboo

Bamboos grows in the tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, but it also grows in China, Australia, Brazil and the U.S. Bamboo is not a tree, as many people may think, but it is a grass that can grow one meter in a day during the growing season. China was the first country to begin to weave bamboo into many useful products.

Bamboo Rugs

Bamboo rugs come in all sizes, shapes and styles and because bamboo is such a durable product they last forever. A bamboo bath mat, bamboo sauna mat, large or small mat and contemporary frames are just a few of the amazing items made with bamboo that make strategic accents for your home.

Bamboo Chair Rugs

Chair rugs are traditionally unattractive and rather boring, but when you use a bamboo chair mat in your office or home, you automatically introduce an elegant accent with an eco-friendly style that adds another dimension to the room. Since bamboo has been naturally strengthened in the elements, it is more durable than anything made of plastic. Bamboo adds a charming note that says you care about the appearance of your home.

The Benefits of Bamboo

Here are three benefits in using organic and sustainable bamboo.

  1. Bamboo is antibacterial, which makes it an excellent choice for adults or children with sensitivities or allergies to other materials.
  2. Bamboo is water-proof, and this makes it a great choice over hardwood or other porous products that absorb water. Moisture is not an issue with bamboo.
  3. As a flooring or mat, it makes an extremely durable and economical choice.

Bamboo is quickly trending as the choice for flooring and bamboo rugs chair mats. This generation loves the characteristics of bamboo especially that it is sustainable. Choose bamboo, and you will enjoy its ambiance for years to come.Bamboo Fence