How-To Fix Backyard Blunders

There are many issues we face with our backyards, how to make them pretty, usable  bigger, etc. With all these issues, we tend to feel overwhelmed but don’t fret, Backyard X-Scapes is here to help.

Let’s face the most common issue, how to make a backyard feel bigger. If you are someone who got the lucky opportunity to have a rooftop or balcony as your backyard then feel proud. You get the opportunity to think outside the box. If you are dealing with a small space, you are not trapped. A lot of people forget that you can always build your creativity upwards and outwards. This means that you can purchase planter boxes and place them on a wall using the space you were given. Another great idea is to paint coffee cans or glass jars on a small table with herbs in them for cooking. This is a great way to have garden fresh food by utilizing your small space. Painting the containers would also give a nice homey touch to your “backyard”. To make sure you get the shade you need in this space, I recommend a rooftop umbrella with a heavy iron base to keep it from flying away in high winds.

It seems that space is always the issue even if you have a large yard because some people choose to build a pool and deck and get carried away with such large items and when they are complete they realize it makes their backyard smaller then it was. An easy way to fix this problem is planter boxes. Make sure you use the right kind for your area, plastic for year-round, clay for full sun plants, metal for dry plants and wood to let plants breathe. Placing a few of these around your pool or on your oversized deck with make your backyard into a garden paradise and remember that the closer plants are planted to each other, the more water they will need.

Some have too big of a yard and are just as confused as those with a small space. A great idea for large spaces is fish ponds or a fountain. Some are even low-maintenance and can be a beautiful piece for a large space.

Many face issues with their backyards because they want to make them functional and beautiful but are scared because they either have too much space or not enough. A simple trip to the store can make any space feel the right size while still giving function.

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