How to Create Your Own Backyard Tropical Paradise


Often time’s people get intimidated about landscaping or tackling a project, but creating a tropically themed backyard can actually be fun and easy.

Backyard furniture can add life and style to any backyard. One of the first ways to get started is by first evaluating the size of the space being enhanced and then an area of focus. This area of focus could be a patio, a relaxing area of the yard, a rock garden or even the center of the yard. Once this area has been designated, the rest of the design process can easily flow from one point to the next, rather than randomly placing items. The key to a successful landscape is having a fluid visual movement within the space. Using Patio furniture is a great way of adding style to a garden. Some perfect items that can instantly add dynamic to a backyard and create that visual focus includes a FountainTiki Bar, Tiki statue, Palapa or Thatch Umbrella or even a garden bench.


Another key element in creating a tropical backyard is adding exotic vegetation such as palm trees and tropical flowers. The lush environment and vibrant colors will emanate a warm and inviting feel.

Once you have the greenery and focus point, accessorizing is all you need to do next. Items such as bamboo poles, borders and rugs are the perfect accents to fill garden areas or line your patio floor. If you have an industrial or wooden fence that needs replacing or work, an economical way to instantly give your fence a face-lift and brighten your yard is by using bamboo fencing.


Finally one of the most important aspects to any decorating project is lighting. How your space is lit will affect the atmosphere. Tiki torches, outdoor lanterns and fire pits all do an excellent job at creating a warm and relaxing environment, while lighting walkways and accenting key visual points in your backyard.
Although redoing a backyard can seem like a monumental task, it doesn’t have to be. The key is to find simple key pieces that will give a big visual change and accessorize as you go along.  Have fun, be creative and ask questions.

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