How to Create a Tropical Backyard Paradise

Redoing your backyard can seem like an intimidating, endless and costly project. But it doesn’t have to be. With a few helpful tips, creating a tropical themed backyard can actually be fun and easy.

Get started simply by evaluating the size and shape of the space you have to work with and chose an area of focus. This space could be the patio, the garden, a specific area designated for relaxing or entertaining or even just the center of the yard. Once defined, make this section your vision of a Backyard X-Scape: add a table and chairs for outdoor dining, place a tiki bar for convenient adult entertainment, build or inflate a pool for your guests and children to play in or erect a palapa for relaxing in the sun. Within the focal area, decide how much and what type of furniture you will need: how many chairs and tables, what types and styles and how tall are all important questions when choosing backyard furniture.

Once the focal point is established, you can fill out the rest of the space. Remember, when decorating, less is more. Fill in barren areas not with more furniture, but with exotic vegetation like palm trees and tropical flowers. Island culture is rife with bright colors; the more variety the better. The lush environment and vibrant colors will create a warm and inviting feel.

Next, decide how you wish to light your backyard. First, consider potential hazards and light them immediately along with walkways and other high traffic areas. Then, light the main focal point – where you, your family and guests will be spending most of your time. Once the main points are sufficiently illuminated, you can choose interesting features like shrubbery or artwork to spotlight. Use tropical lighting ideas like tiki torches, lanterns and fire pits. Additionally, white or bright Christmas lights can contribute to a festive and colorful atmosphere.

Once you have a focal point and a base to work on, move from one place to another, placing accents that fit the tropical theme. Do not just randomly scatter objects and furniture around the yard. Moving strategically throughout the yard will create a fluid visual movement within the space. Use other tropical themed décor to maintain the island feel. Well-placed tiki statues, bamboo signs, and tiki masks can add an authentic touch without being over the top and cheesy.

Lastly, step back and take a look. Your yard should pull your focus to the designated centerpiece and then move easily from one point to another. There should be purposefully empty spaces, but not areas that look neglected. Most importantly, your backyard paradise should reflect your style, taste and values. The key is to find simple key pieces that will create a big visual change and accessorize as you go along. Remember to have fun, be creative and ask questions.

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