How to Build a Bamboo Fence

There are many reasons to build a fence. It provides privacy, keeps things out and other things in, adds security, but it also adds beauty. A fence adds the finishing touches to your yard and completes the landscape. There are many fencing options for material, style, durability. Today we are going to teach you how to build a bamboo fence for those looking for a more exotic look and feel.

Some Tidbits About Bamboo

There are many benefits to using bamboo to build your fence, such as strength and durability. Bamboo is naturally very strong and flexible. Homes built of bamboo have been known to remain standing after earthquakes as intense as 9.0 in magnitude. The strong, flexible, natural material has been used for centuries around the world as a main source of building material. Bamboo has even been used as the main building material for some skyscrapers in China.

Bamboo is also naturally beautiful and comes in different shades and colors. Check out our different styles.

How to Build the Fence

We are going to explain how to build a fence assuming you are building from scratch and not just covering up an old fence.

Step 1. You will need to purchase wood fence posts that are 4’’ x 4’’. It doesn’t matter what type of wood the posts are made from, but we will be making a 8 foot tall fence, so the post needs to allow for 30 to 36 inches to go underground and 8 feet above ground.

Step 2. Dig the pole holes. Measure 8 foot between each post hole and insert a marking (a stick of stake) where the hole will be dug. Dig your post holes 2.5 to 3 feet (30 to 36 inches) deep and 10 inches wide.

Step 3. To make sure the posts are lines up strain all the way down the fence, use a post leveler and a string that span from end to end. Line the posts up with the string and use the post leveler to measure checking the side and the face to make sure the posts are straight.

Step 4. With the post in the hole, fill in the holes with either cement or dirt. Cement will ensure a stronger hold, but dirt work too. Again, use the leveler to make sure the post is level and straight. If you are using cement, make sure you follow the instructions on the package to mix the cement correctly. If you are using dirt, first pack the bottom of the post hole with dirt making sure that it is firm, then fill the rest of the hole and pack it.

Step 5. Install the rails that the rolled bamboo fence will attach to. Cut the 2 x 4 rail to the right length the will fit between the posts. Use a speed square to draw a straight line near the bottom of the post. Secure a clamp on the post directly over the line. Do the same for the next post. The rail will sit on top of the clap as you screw the rail to the post.

Step 6. The easiest way to measure how deep the rails need to be between the posts allowing room for the bamboo to be installed, is to use a spacer (simply a block of wood that measures the right depth). Line the front of the spacer to the front of the post. Line the rail to the back of the spacer block. Use a block of wood or a brick or a rock or something to hold the other end of the rail off the ground as you screw the rail to the post.

Step 7. Use 2 ¼ inch stainless steel screws to attach the rail to the post. Stainless screws prevent rusting. Use the spacer to keep the rail at the right depth and the clamp at the right hight. Drill one screw on the top and two in the front. Drill the screws in an angle toward the post. Do the same for the other end and repeat steps 6 and 7 to the top of the post.

Step 8. Clamp a supporting board under the bottom rail that the rolled bamboo fence can stand on as you roll out the bamboo fencing. This helps the bamboo to role out straight and supports it as you screw the bamboo to the rail.

Step 9. Using yellow decking screws (to hide the screws from plain site) screw the bamboo fence to the rails about every 10 poles on top and bottom. Pre-drill the holes before screwing to prevent the bamboo from splitting. If there is more bamboo poles than you need, unbend the galvanized wire that runs through the bamboo poles and pull some of the poles off the role. Then bend the wire back to keep the rest of the poles in place.

Step 10. Repeats steps 5 through 9 between all posts.

Building a bamboo fence is both easy and very rewarding as you admire the beautiful fence your built. Bamboo fences enhances any outdoor area and puts the finishing touches on the landscape. There are a few styles of bamboo fencing to choose from, including natural, black, and mahogany. Go to our bamboo fencing page to place an order for rolled bamboo and transform your yard quickly and easily.

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