How to Hide Landscape Imperfections with Artificial Rock

While everyone enjoys a well-manicured lawn or garden, some landscapes contain features that are difficult to disguise or remove. Beautifying elements such as artificial rocks provide a way to both hide unsightly imperfections and enhance the natural appeal of your outdoor surroundings. With a large selection of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from, Backyard X-Scapes has the artificial rocks that will be perfect for your outdoor project. Below are a few tips to help you know how and where to best use your artificial rock purchase.

Artificial Rock

1. Pipes and Utility Access - Cover unattractive gas pipes or utility access ports with an artificial rock. Simply measure the length and width of your pipes or utility access then select a rock in the color and size that best fits with your outdoor space. Not only will this remove the items’ visibility, it will also provide an element of safety since the pipes or utility access can no longer create a falling hazard. Regardless of where these unsightly necessities may be placed in your lawn or garden, a natural-looking artificial rock is the perfect way to make them disappear!

2. Pool Filters and Equipment - While a pool or spa may enhance the look, feel, and enjoyment of your outdoor space, the bulky and unappealing filters and equipment that come with them will not. Our selection of artificial rocks will not only cover unsightly pool gear but will also help keep them covered and out of inclement weather or intense sunshine while still providing easy access. With colors and styles that will enhance any environment, these attractive landscaping elements will disguise obtrusive pool equipment and return your outdoor living area to a state of peace and tranquility!

3. Air Conditioners - Though air conditioners can be an essential part of comfortable summer living for your home, they can also be an unsightly necessity that distracts from the beauty and serenity of your outdoor living space. Selecting a large artificial rock in a color and size that blends in with your lawn environment will allow you to continue to enjoy the comforts of your air conditioner without having to sacrifice the look and appeal of your yard or garden. Imagine hosting outdoor dinners, parties, and barbecues without your air conditioning unit distracting from the theme and décor of your gathering. Pick the solution that provides both easy access and a designer touch!

4. Sprinkler Boxes and Electrical Outlets - Make outdoor lawn equipment blend in with the natural beauty of their surroundings by covering them with artificial rocks. With a selection of smaller rocks to choose from, sprinkler boxes and timers as well as electrical outlets can disappear yet still be fully operational and easily accessible. Not only will these necessities receive a stylish new cover, they will also be protected from lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, and other yard maintenance equipment.

Give your outdoor space the beauty and protection it deserves by choosing from our large selection of artificial rocks! Enjoy your lawn or garden as nature intended without the distractions of unsightly equipment, fixtures, or outlets!

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