Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day!! As we (well…most of us anyway) prepare for a glorious four day weekend, visions of oodles of home cooked food, quality time with loved ones and traditional football matchups have already begun dancing in our heads. While all these things are the components of a wonderful holiday weekend, we wish to remind you what the holiday is all about:

Take a moment this weekend to take pride and comfort in the little things that make life worth living. Remember how much your family loves you and all the times the special people in your life were there for you when no one else was. Take pride in your accomplishments, your successes and the way in which you have positively influenced other people’s lives. Thanksgiving is time to take a day off from being hard on yourself and to take stock of all the blessings in your life. So what if you haven’t paid off that credit card yet? Or if you have yet to finish all the schooling you would like to? Or if you haven’t landed the job you know you deserve? Just for today, stop beating yourself up about it. There is plenty of time to do that in the future.

So Happy Thanksgiving Backyard X-Scapes fans, customers and readers. Give yourself the day off and celebrate the positive things. You’ve earned it.

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