Happy Fourth of July!

Everyone knows that the fourth of July is a day of celebration and fireworks but some fail to realize what we are celebrating. July fourth, also known as Independence Day, is a day where we celebrate our rights in America “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” We gained these rights because in 1776 at the 2nd Continental Congress declared the separation and independence of the 13 American colonies from the Empire of Britain.

There are many ways to celebrate this day of independence such as pool parties, BBQ, etc. but most choose to celebrate with fireworks. It’s only natural to think of fireworks when you think of the fourth of July because they are lighting up the skies every year but have you thought of where you will go for fireworks this year. The most convenient way is to find a school near you that is celebrating this day. Most schools will have an hour+ showing on their field.  Another way is to find out what is located near you by searching it online. My favorite place to watch the fireworks is to sit by the beach and see the fireworks from SeaWorld. Or avoid all the traffic and watch it on the TV.

Now that you have decided where you are going to watch the fireworks, it’s time to plan out the food and drinks for the daytime. Hot dogs and hamburgers are always a good choice but have you thought about making kabobs. They are a fun finger food and don’t require any utensils or seating. If you are planning on having people over to your fourth of July party then the best way to not stress yourself out by preparing a huge meal is to set out a couple different types of finger food that your guests can enjoy and still will be filling. Guests will be impressed with your unique take on a fourth of July party and if you have an amazing backyard because backyardxscapes helped you save 15% on you decor, games, and much more, then your guests will dub you to king or queen of this amazing event and you would have hardly spent a dime.  As for a fun and easy dessert, one word, Jello. It’s super simple to make, cheap and tastes great. All you need to do is get red and blue Jello and cool whip. Begin by pouring the blue liquid into the bottom of a cup, let cool, then place the cool whip, cool. Let the red thicken a bit before placing on top on the cool whip so that you won’t end up with a melted mess.  Be sure to pack any leftovers you may have so that you are able to take them with you when you watch the amazing display of fireworks because they will be amazing this year! Happy fourth America!

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