Green Living ideas

Some people may think that living green means you have to give up a lot of luxuries and this is quite untrue! Everyone has that one piece of furniture that they claim in the house as “their chair”, and wouldn't that be great if that piece was Eco-friendly as well. Great ways to make this happen is to go to your local thrift store, friends or even use that old chair that you never thought of using in high-traffic rooms. Step two is to find a fabric and maybe some studs or buttons because you are about to make the chair of your dreams. Take these items to your local reupholster store for less hassle (don’t forget the chair) or be even more proud of your chair by doing it yourself. If you aren't very good at sewing and still want furniture you can be proud of try reclaimed wood. There are wood pallets everywhere or even old pieces of wood furniture could work (such as old box springs or cabinets). All you need to do is have a few handy man skills and some wood stain or gloss. If this seems like a bit too much work then try Bamboo furniture, it is also an amazingly Eco-friendly product because of its durability and its neutral palette is ideal in any home.

Being Eco-friendly is meant to reduce our carbon footprint but what people don’t realize is that we can do that while still leaving our handprint behind. By this, I mean our creativity. There seems to be a lot more artists these days that are taking this idea and making a great living off of it. Some ideas are to take broken ceramic, glass, etc. and make a mural, vase, drink coaster or spice up that boring picture frame or mirror. If you don’t consider yourself savvy enough then the simplest way to be Eco-friendly is by reusing something old and give it a new life with paint. You can show it off at your home or office or even give it as a gift.

Being Eco-friendly doesn't mean you have to stop driving to work or use less paper, although those would help as well, all you have to do is to find a way to reduce and reuse.

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