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Although temperatures may be warming and it may feel like summer's upon us, the official day of summer isn't until June 21st, which gives you just enough time to give your backyard that new look.  Outdoor Rooms is a Better Homes and Gardens special interest publication and their theme for this months magazine is "Take a Vacation in Your Own Backyard." Throughout this issue, they are giving readers a "Passport to Style" through different types of backyards and since Backyard X-Scapes is all about helping you to "Create Your Great Escape," they featured many of our products.

Jane Austin McKeon (Outdoor Rooms Editor) describes the essence of summer entertaining and backyard enjoyment perfectly.
""My favorite time of year to entertain is summer.  A barefoot and blue jeans sort of girl, I would much rather wave the neighbors over for a spur-of-the-moment glass of wine on the front porch or serve a picnic-style supper for my family on the deck than put a lot of planning and primping into a fancy dining room affair. Backyards cater to impromptu entertaining."

Tropical flare and that "Polynesian Pop" never goes out of style.  Outdoor rooms showed that with some colorful elements, playful arrangements and various lively foliage, you can create a vibrant island getaway right in your backyard.  Some of the products used included Tiki Signs, Bamboo Signs, an African Thatch umbrella kit, a stainless steel BBQ island, tiki statues, and a pool table for easy entertaining.

Some key components in creating your outdoor island paradise include:
Water: The sounds of falling water create a relaxing ambiance while also visually adding movement to your still backyard.
Umbrella kits, awnings and Tiki Bars, provide more than just shade to the elements.  They are the physical focal points that instantly transform your backyard into the desired theme, while also creating a gathering location for entertaining.
Artwork: Paintings can create dimension, set a theme, and act like windows in opening or containing certain spaces.  If you happen to live in a climate that cannot grow certain tropical plants, trying hanging up artwork that includes the same texture and color qualities.
Decor: One of the hardest things in re-decorating is sticking to one consistent theme.  While some items can work with multiple themes, such as bamboo can be used for an Asian infused garden or a Tropical Paradise, others may not be so versatile.  For the tropical look, decorate with tiki masks or tiki statues. If you have an old fence that doesn't compliment your desired theme, bamboo fencing can be an inexpensive solution that doesn't require that much investment or commitment.

Continuing with the tropical theme, also featured were our products that can help to "Tiki-ify" your backyard.  Products shown include our 12" Tiki Statue, African Thatch umbrella kit, Tiki Signs and a bamboo bench.

To see all of the wonderful backyard ideas and more of how our products were used, pick up the summer issue of Outdoor Rooms magazine.

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