Fun DIY Weekend Projects

Lately I have been obsessed with DIY crafts because there seems to be one for everything from home health remedies to building your own everything.  There seems to be more and more sites popping up all over the place and each seems to be unique in their own way. Pintrest for example is a site that seems to be like a cork board with a bunch of pictures on it and you are able to click on a picture and most always be connected to where it came from so you can see step by step directions on the DIY. The projects on this site are more of little cute tasks such as how to make your own lip gloss out of crystal light. To create your own lip gloss, all you need is Un-petroleum jelly and mix in Crystal light or whatever you choose and mix them together until you desired color. Wait about an hour for the granules to dissolve and pucker up.

Another cool idea especially for a hot summer night with nothing to do is to make a flying paper lantern. I must warn you to choose a safe area to let them go so you won’t start a fire because it does use an open flame.  The original paper lantern was launched about 2000 years ago in China and was constructed from a bamboo hoop with thin sheets of paper. To make this amazing paper lantern using these step-by-step instructions.

A great idea to decorate any space is to get a few glass jars and paint the inside of them making a amazing item that looks like you bought it at a designer store. You can find glass jars around your house or even at a thrift store for very cheap. The

second step is to get enamel paint (any color you like) and simply pour the paint into the jar and move it around, dump the excess paint into the next jar or back into your paint. Let dry for two days. Place these eye catching jars and bottles on the center of any table and place whatever you like in them or simply leave them as is.

painting glass jars

The greatest idea I have seen thus far was a DIY way to make your own chalk paint. All you have to do is pour one cup of flat-finish latex paint (one cup at a time) with two tablespoons of unsanded tile grout. Mix until clumps are broken up. Apply paint to a primed or painted surface and make sure to go over the spot more than once to ensure full coverage. Let dry and smooth with 15-grit sandpaper.

With all these DIY projects, you will never have a unproductive or bored moment again.

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